Pilates for Runners

Laura Tarbell
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength

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Laura leads this 56 min pilates workout in a gym setting w/ 2 background exercisers, one showing modifications. You will not need any equipment for this standing & floor pilates workout with some added balance work. The workout is designed to enhance runners efficiency and reduce injury.

After breath work, exercises include: leg & knee drops, leg circles, hundred, low back extension, 1/2 rollup, bicycle, bridge leg series, hi plank series, leg & arm raises, superman, lunge & runners arms, side lying leg series, bird dog, table top series, side plank work, reverse plank & leg raiwse, spine stretch, cat cow, and balance leg raises. The workout concludes with breath work.

I rate this an intermediate routine that blends nice balance work with pilates work. This is a unique blend of exercises that will target your core & lower body. Laura provides great form pointers & cuing. I received this dvd to review.



In general, I am not a fan of pilates. I like the idea but dislike the DOING of it (I mainly stick with things like Winsor Bun & Thigh). This video has surprised me! There are modifications shown for nearly every move which were really helpful and do-able. I enjoyed the standing portions! There is a balance/leg-lift segment and a running arm/lunge segment. The standing bits added nice variety but didn't feel killer, though the lunge section did get my heart rate up a little. Like most pilates I've tried, there isn't much arm work, however there are several plank segments or moves where you are placing weight on your arms. Also, during the standing balance moves, you hold your arms out to the sides a loooong time (and then you follow that up with push-ups!) Burn! My most UN-loved aspect of pilates is the ab series (I love the side-lying leg work). This video starts with a core prep/abs segment that wasn't overwhelming or overly challenging...plus they showed modifications that I could do (i.e. resting my head on a yoga block, keeping my knees bent.) No sore neck for me with this video!

Instructor Comments:
Tarbell is professional and seems to know what she's doing. The cueing is okay. I don't think Tarbell mirror cues and a couple of times the background exercisers false start a move before it's time (which kind of reiterates for me that the cueing could be better). If not for that little quibble, I'd have no complaints. I really enjoyed this one!