Cardio Karate: Interval Core

Greg Sims
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

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Greg leads this cardio w/o in a martial arts gym w/ 2 backgrounders. You will not need any equipment for this workout. The workout is broken down into pods which you learn and then string together for a complete routine. Each pod contains both low & high intensity exercises.

After a warmup Exercises include: side step pliets w/ various arm strikes, knee raises, horse stance hops w/ a side block, 1/2 burpees, pushup leg raises, ham curls, cat stance kicks, a functional standing oblique routine, V step & blocks, squat hops, sweeping blocks, power jacks, & front kicks. With 10 minutes remaining you move into a cooldown & stretch & perform a few core exercises (V hold & X raises) along with corpse pose.

I rate this a solid intermediate workout that would be easy to modify up or down. Enjoy the power bursts mixed in with lower impact & intensity exercises. This is a very unique workout & Greg does a great job instructing. He looks like he has really leaned out & toned up since his URX w/o's. Really enjoyed this workout & definitely see myself doing it again! I received this dvd to review.