Tek Di Dancefloor - Jamaican Dancehall Aerobics

Adina Tek Di
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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The workouts is chaptered and consist in three segments, beginners, intermediate and advanced. There is the option to play all. Look like each segment was filmed separate. The wardrobe is different in each segment, also the music. Adina lead the workout with two background dancers. The set is colorful, not to bright which make me feel like I actually was on the dancefloor of a club. There is a DJ on the side which add drama to the club feeling set.

The workout concept is introducing a new step repeating it around 8 times on each direction (right/left/center) and then putting them all on a routine together at the end. The step name is showed at the screen each time is introduced. The are marchs between each step intro and then she explain the step first slowly giving you time to practice the move. Except for the advance segment where she cue as she moves. The background dancers dance pretty well too and both are sink with Adina all the time. This is not a voice over workout.

This type of dance use a lot the legs, there is a lot of movements from the squatting position and some have a little air but nothing high impact. The arms are moving very gracefully.

Beginners 12:39 min including (3:27 min warm up)

Warm up
Thunder Clap
Signal the Plane (air)
Willie Bounce

Combine all steps and repeat 3 times

Intermediate 9 min

Chaka Chaka
Stooky (air)
Cyaa Tiad
Pon di River Pon di Blank (air)

Combine all steps and repeat 5 times

Advance 10 min

Eva Fresh Eva Clean
Punk Rock
Skip to my Lou (air)
Rubba Bounce (air)

Combine all steps and repeat 3 times

No cool down

Total time 32 min approximately

General thoughts
My impression is like this is a great quality production. The DVD case, the set, the wardrobe. I mean not high end but neither on the low quality side.

I'm familiar with this type of dance, I have being in Jamaica too. I can tell this workout shows real Dancehall moves.

If you are not familiar with the dance and want to learn, I believe this workout is perfect. You can start with the Beginners segment until you master it and move to the next level. I did all the segments and didn't performed perfectly at all. My goal is to learn the choreography, so I have room to grow with this workout. You will need light shoes good for pivoting. The steps are preformed in three directions (right/center/left) I changed my Cross-trainers after the beginners segment because were too heavy.

I classify the workout as low/moderate intensity cardio. Is a good calorie burner. I burned the same calories as walking hills for half an hour. I will use it as my low intensity cardio after my strength workout. I want to point out that this is a fun workout, but you will not see wooohoos! or craziness.

You focus on learning the moves, learning a new dance. Because you like to dance and are open to try different cultures dance styles, the workout is fun. The best thing is that you get cardio from it.


Instructor Comments:
Adina is easy to look at and always smiling. She look happy while dancing. Her cuing is good.