Cardio Karate: Extreme Martial Conditioning 1

Gregg Cook
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts , Total Body Workouts

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Gregg leads this 59 min workout with one other (also very buff) exerciser. You will need a pullup bar or band option, dumbbells, and sand weights for this workout. This is a pull up heavy workout that provides a great cardio effect. The w/o is broken into 5 pods which you perform 2ce each. Each pod contains pullup, karate iso exercises, and cardio inducing combo strength exercises.

After a nice functional w/u Greg moves right into pull-up variations (close & wide hand grip, add a twist, knee up, kick, etc), 1 leg squat variation, low squat -overhead press-and kick, horse stance holds, static cat stance, 1 leg pushups & renegade rows, side lunge & diagonal push, low chatagranga hold & leg raise, chair pose, long plank walk out holds,& pull up to burpee. Core work: roll back to C curve hold, 2 leg table & tri kickback, side plank kick outs, sit up to hi block, weighted punching bicycles,1 leg elevator planks, and finishes with a stretch.

I rate this workout advanced because of the pullups though much of the strength work really got & kept my heartrate up. This is another fav from the set- Gregg kicks booty!!!! He is a fantastic lead w/ perfect form pointers, cuing, includes heavy & light weight work, and is very motivating. Greg includes unique functional exercises that really hit the core, a great mix of isolation karate stances, & cardio inducing strength work at a pretty nonstop pace. REALLY loved this workout! I received this dvd to review.