Figure 30: Butt

Tracie Long
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Lower Body Strength

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Full disclosure: I received a free review copy of this workout.

Figure 30: Butt is the second in Tracie Long's "Figure 30" series. It is a 30-minute lower body workout led by Tracie that focueses with laser-like precision on the muscles of the butt. This may be a short workout, but Tracie achieves her apparent goals of burning out the muscles of the butt while teaching you tips and tricks for effectively working these muscles.

The sections in this workout are:

> Warm up - 5 minutes

> Standing exercises - She puts you through different tempos and pattern variations (4:4, 2:2, partial lift) and does a variety of squats and lunches that really address the glute muscles.

> Floor exercises - The pattern variations for these exercises include single reps and pulses. The exercises include traditional floorwork moves like leg lifts and kickbacks. She also has a long section that includes different bridge variations.

> Stretch - 5 minutes

For this workout, you need one pair of heavy dumbbells, one set of ankle weights, and a mat. Don't ask me about ths music; I have no memory of it. So, it must not have been super good OR super bad.

Tracie cues really well in this workout and also explains how to make many of these moves the most effective you can. You can tell that she has taught a lot of people and has seen many, if not all, the ways people cheat the moves and/or how they don't really understand what to do. She is by herself in this workout with no background exercisers on a raised area at the front of the room. If that sounds familiar, it's because this set looks a lot like the one from other workouts.

I think Tracie proves that she is a really good instructor in this workout. If you want to target your butt, then you may want to consider this workout.

Instructor Comments:
She is such a professional. She not only leads this workout, but teaches how to work the butt muscles at the same time.

Laura S.


Tracie leads this 30 min butt focused workout in her latest brick set on a pedestal. You will need dumbbells & ankle weights for this workout. The dvd is chaptered. The workout contains a nice standing segment and concludes with floor work.

Exercises include: single leg squats & deadlifts, runners lunge with a glute raise, pike pendulums, low runners lunge to a hopping knee up, sumo squats, deadlifts, donkey kicks & table top hip circles, bridge variations, and finishes w/ a series of swimmer glute exercises.

I rate this an intermediate workout that really accomplishes a lot in only 30 minutes. Tracie offers a lot of great tips on how to really target the buns and as always her form & cuing is right on. Lots of unique exercises and love that some get the heart pumping. Great variety of standing & floor exercises. I received this dvd to review.



"Figure 30: Butt" is a 30 min. lower body workout led by Tracie Long, and it has four chapters (w/u, “Weighted Butt & Bridge”/mostly standing exercises, “Table & Bridge”/floor exercises & stretch). The standing exercises have varying tempos (4:4, 2:2, partial lift) and consist of single leg squats, single & double leg deadlifts, rear lunges, rear lunge into knee lift, sumo squats & pendulum/abduction. The floor exercises have single reps and pulses, and consist of glute bridge variations, glute kickbacks, hurdles, and leg lifts in prone position. This workout felt more challenging than Tracie’s Figure 30 Hips, I felt my glute engaged the entire time (and fatigued for many of the exercises). I like how there is a strong balance and flexibility element in this workout, and the segments are well structured w/ a great flow (good variety in exercises, sufficient reps, move right along nicely). Tracie’s cuing & instruction is top notch, and I really appreciate her calm demeanor (this appeals to me a lot, as I feel unmotivated by loud volume of voice by an instructor or frenetic/hyper pace of some workouts) & the use of minimal equipment (very nice to not need much to get a good workout).

Equipment: one pair of heavy dumbbells, ankle weights, mat

Music: good driving beat, not canned

Set: brick walls, Tracie is on a platform

(30:39 min.)
Warm-up (5 min.)
Static lunge hold w/ same side arm overhead reach> Side Tap (shallow lateral lunge w/out the moving leg heel flat on floor) w/ overhead arms hold, knee lift hold, 2 taps side w/ knee lifts> step rear into split leg stance, place hands on floor, alternate bending & straightening legs, lift into standing position, bring rear foot to meet other (tap)> knee lift, repeat sequence (skip rear leg tap, transition from split stance squat directly into knee lift).

Step, Glute repeater, alternating sides> squat, then spinal rolls> Leg Abductions repeater, 4 reps, both sides> Squat, spinal rolls> Repeat entire sequence on other side (start w/ side tap).

Knee lift, extension front> alternate knee lift & rear bent leg lift> hurdle (front & out to side) into sumo squat, alternating sides> sumo squat pulses, then static hold> forward bend> sumo squat, stand w/ overhead arms.

Weighted Butt & Balance (10 min.): uses dumbbells
Single Leg squat (rear leg in air, opposite arm out to side), same side hand as rear leg holds dumbbell & reaches for floor on lowering, 4:4 count> perform at faster pace, 2:2 count.

Deadlift: one leg has just ball of foot on floor w/ bent knee, other leg is straight (same arm as previous holds dumbbell), 4:4 count then 2:2> Static lunge pulses.

Split leg stance w/ hands on floor or on a dumbbell (placed in front of static leg)> alternate leg lift & lunge> Pendulum Swing (alternating leg abduction w/ hands on dumbbell, hop to switch legs, land on ball of foot).

Low Lunge (straight rear leg, fingertips on floor) into knee lift hold (moving leg stays off of floor entire movement), slow pace> alternate between two exercises> add power to knee lift, hold in lowered position> Squat, spinal roll into standing position> Repeat entire sequence on other side (start w/ single leg squat).

Sumo Squats (dumbbells on shoulders): lower & hold, lift & hold> single reps> lower, partial lift, lower & stand> Deadlifts, 2:2 count, bit faster pace, then lower, partial lift, lower & stand, 2:2 count.

Table & Bridge (10 min.): uses ankle weights
Glute Kickback w/ ankle weights (bent leg in quadruped position on elbows) single reps, then pulses> hold reverse direction (lower focus vs. lift), hold reverse direction (lift focus vs. lower)> Hurdle motion (rear & front, w/ straight arms)> child pose, repeat sequence on other side.

Pigeon Pose (prone glute stretch, ankle weights off)> Glute Bridge w/ single leg extension (stays next to other knee)> bridge w/ extended leg moving w/ lift> bridge w/ knee pulled in (held w/ arms), pulses> repeat on other side.

Leg Lifts in prone position (w/ bent arms): Single leg lift hold (w/ a bit of rotation inward on repeated times)> Double leg lift pulses (3)> Double leg lift, abduction, reverse motion> child’s pose.

Stretch (5 min.)
Seated w/ one leg on top of other, hands behind back or on outside of knees> walk hands around to side & hold> Glute Stretch: one leg extended front, other is bent & pulled into body, roll forward then rear, hold> 90/90 stretch (bent knees, one in front, one rear) w/ torso rotation & overhead arm> repeat sequence on other side.

Seated w/ crossed legs: extend arms forward w/ spinal roll, then open arms to side (squeeze shoulder blades together)> spinal rolls in quadruped position> low lunge (knee on floor)> Downward dog into sumo squat w/ hands on floor> roll up to standing position> overhead arms w/ inhalation.