Breath of Life Yoga

Susan Tuttle
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Yoga

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For some reason, I have been focusing on chair-based workouts some in the past few months. They aren't a big percentage of the workouts I do, but I try them when I see one and it appeals to me. This is one workout that was included in that trend. I bought this workout from Amazon. This workout is one from the instructor's, Susan Tuttle's, series called In Home Fitness. Other workouts in this series incude a chair pilates workout, a standing pilates workout, and a resistance band workout.

This DVD contains two 30-minute workouts, one based in a chair and one standing using the back of the chair. There is an option to play both as one longer workout. The set looks like a living room with a rug and couches, etc. Susan does these workouts on her own. I have no memory of the music, but I think it was there (but, obviously, not very memorable). I thought her manner was pleasant and encouraging. She gave modifications for some moves to make them simpler and/or easier.

This DVD is marketed to those "with limited movement abilities". I assumed that this would mean that the two workouts on it would be easy, very beginner. However, I found that assumption to be faulty. Dont' get me wrong. Many of the moves are easy and can be done by anyone. Others require a bit effort and challenge. Specifically, I'm thinking about one part of the chair-based workout where you turn sideways to your chair, parallel to it. Your front knee is bent and the back leg is extended behind you. She stays in the air for much of that segment and that requires some muscle to accomplish. You can keep your knee on the ground, but she doesn't point that out. I am NOT saying that this workout is hard, but I am saying that some short sections require a bit more challenge than one might assume.

Her focus on this DVD is stress relief through the moves and especially through your breath. Throughout the workout, she cues the breath and when to inhale and exhale. She has a calm and encouraging manner. At the end, I did feel much more relaxed than when I started. Given the stress of the week, though, probably any yoga workout would have accomplished that, just because I stopped and relaxed.

Instructor Comments:
She doesn't always cue as well as she could, but she's pretty good at it. And, I found her motivating to stay with her.

Laura S.