Functional Fitness Younger in 30 Days

Suzanne Andrews
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Athletic Stretch , Seniors/Seated , Total Body Workouts, Walking Aerobics

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One of my patients with Fibromyalgia gave me this DVD to review to see if this was suitable for her. She is also 40 pounds overweight and a beginner exerciser so I'm glad she gave it to me so I could make sure this was safe to use.
The DVD has three workouts that are about twenty five minutes each and all workouts demonstrate exercises sitting and standing. All three workouts are instructed by Suzanne Andrews who is the host of Functional Fitness on PBS TV and a rehab therapy specialist.

1. Younger Heart in Thirty Days Workout:
The low impact choreography is easy to do so you don't need any dance background. This workout incorporates side, front and back lunges, box steps, side steps and you can really work up a sweat with the frog jumps, depending on which version you choose. The music is enjoyable and suitable for someone over fifty years old. Suzanne Andrews has a friendly way of guiding you throughout the workout. I couldn't help smiling and felt my toes tapping.

2. Younger Joints in Thirty Days:
She starts out with a quick intro, "If you have arthritis, bursitis, rheumatoid arthritis or an autoimmune disorder and want to live a life without your disorder ordering you around, stay tuned" and goes on to instruct an excellent overall stretching session. Again there is no need to get down on the floor if you are not able to. The DVD features an option where you can skip the intro and go right to the exercises. She shows you how to stretch even if you're not that flexible so I thought that was a good option, making fitness accessible to people who otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity.

3. Younger Muscles in 30 Days:
"Recent studies have found that older adults can increase their strength as much as younger people," states Suzanne and I do concur this is accurate. As a physician I can appreciate the way Suzanne Andrews instructs the participant to contract the muscle slowly, and really work the muscle. Otherwise you can hurt your joints and when you do a repetition fast, you're working motion more than muscle. The way she teaches this workout offers insight to experienced therapy skills. Each move is done slow and deliberate to give the participant a good workout that really works the lower body and upper body.

Instructor Comments:
Pro's: Recommend for people who are overweight, for beginners over 50 who need a good, effective and safe workout. Offers a music with friendly instruction and a music (great music!) only version.

Con's: Not recommended for young people, people who exercise regularly or people who want a super fast paced workout.
Features a music with Suzanne Andrews instruction and an instruction only. Also features a skip intro so you can go directly to the exercises when you're in a hurry.
Overall a very good DVD.