Spinervals Competition 30.0 - Muscular Endurance Plus

Troy Jacobson
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Indoor Cycling

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Length - 2 Hours 20 Minutes
Difficulty Rating - 8.0
Type - Classic Interval Workout to develop Speed and
Maximum Anaerobic Power

Warm Up - 3x
30 sec. Hard/30 sec. Easy

20 Minute Steady State set in zone 3. Coach Troy has you change gears and cadence during the set

2 Minutes Rest

2* 15 Minutes on @ 2 Minutes rest

2 Minutes Rest

3 * 10 Minutes, 1st rep @ high cadence; 2nd rep @ low cadence; 3rd rep @ mix of high and low cadence; 2 Minutes rest between each rep

6 * 5 Minutes on @ 45 Seconds rest

This is one of the longer Spinerval workouts at 2 hours and 20 minutes.
I wanted to do this workout as I am not quite ready for the “Hardcore 100”(5.5 hours on the bike). The setting is the Lifetime Fitness in Vernon Hills, Illinois. This is a very good workout, and not one for a beginner. To be honest, the first sets are just a little long for my liking. However, I did end up enjoying the workout and was so happy when I finished! I rode 43 miles and burned around 1100 calories. I went through several water bottles and a few energy gels during this workout. I don’t agree with the difficulty rating of 8, I would give it a 9 based on the length alone.

Instructor Comments:
Coach Troy does an excellent job in this workout. He is very personable, motivating and encouraging the participants all the way through.