Spinervals Competition 40.0 - Have Mercy!, Part III

Troy Jacobson
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Indoor Cycling

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Length-2 Hours
Difficulty Rating - 10.0
Type-Aerobic & Muscular Endurance


Warm Up - 3x
30 sec. Hard/30 sec. Easy

20 Minute Steady State

10 * 90 Sec. on @ 20 Sec. rest

12 * 45 Sec. on @ 15 Sec. rest

3 * 5 Min. on @ 90 Sec. rest

20 Minute Time Trial

3 X 15 sec tempo-15 sec recovery-15 sec sprint @ 1 min rest


I did this workout for the first time last week and am still recovering! I was thrilled that I could actually do the entire 2 hours! It's a great workout that went by fairly fast, in spite of the 20 minute steady state set at the beginning.

This 2 hour workout is a compilation of the hardest sets from Spinervals 27.0-33.0 Spinervals 9 @ 15 are the others in the "Have Mercy" series.

Instructor Comments:
Troy was very motivating through all the sets, as usual.