Spinervals Competition 29.0 - Dropping The Hammer

Troy Jacobson
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Indoor Cycling

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Time: 60 Minutes
Difficulty Rating: 9.7
Type: Classic Interval Workout for Speed & Power

Warm Up - 3x
30 sec. Hard/30 sec. Easy

3 Minutes: 10 sec. on/10 sec. off

3 * 6 Minutes @ Very hard-threshold pace @ 2 minutes rest

After the last set:
Get off bike & do 2 * 1 Minute Isometric Squat then back on the bike

6 Killer Minutes: 6 * 1 minute all out, hard as you can @ 1 minute rest

4 * 30 sec: 20 hard/10 standing sprint very hard pace @ 1 minute rest


This is an awesome workout, especially if you are training for a race or some other cycling event. I am spent when I am finished and I do have trouble getting through the last short sets at the end. Those 6 minutes sets with the 6 killer minutes are brutal!

Instructor Comments:
Coach Troy offers lots of encouragement and training advice in this workout. He has the participants check their heart rates 1 minute after the 6 minute sets to see how far they have dropped. Most people had theirs drop 30-40 beats. The faster it drops, the more fit you are. He also suggests that the day after doing this workout should be a rest or easy day.