Shiva Rea's Prental Yoga

Shiva Rea

Categories: Pregnancy/Postpartum , Yoga

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I love this yoga DVD. The calming nature of her moves are very beneficial to my shortened ligaments. Shiva Rea takes you through a variety of kegal moves, stretches and basic to intermediate yoga moves great for perfecting balance, using strength and meditating. she has two backups instructors as well, who have various modifications through out the workout, who are obviously very pregnant. Some of the moves can be a bit difficult to achieve if you do not have very good balance. There were a few times I was worried about falling over while trying to balance one leg on a chair for a hamstring stretch. The workout suggests that you may need a yoga blanket, a yoga strap and some yoga blocks if you need more support. I suggest doing this workout when you really have time to get into the moves and the groove of the session. This is not a quick stretch and tone DVD, it really gets into depth, not something to do if you want something quick and easy.

Instructor Comments:
Very Calm and collected. Nice personality, speaks with a slight accent. Otherwise very informative. I wouldn't do this workout if you are looking for something quick with instant results. The moves can take up to a week for a beginner to learn properly.