Bellydance - Abs and Arms

Neena Bidasha, Veena Bidasha
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Bellydance

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Decent workout, alot of standing ab work which is easier on the back than floor work. While the shoulders get the heck worked out of them I feel this is very light on full arm exercises. It is a fun tape, I will give it that and the music is well suited. Veena and Neena keep in time with the music which makes the tape "flow" better. This workout could have been alot longer, as it is I do it twice in a row and I am NOT an experienced exerciser. I suggest getting this tape in the 4 tape set and working them in sequence which is a great workout.

Instructor Comments:
The voiceover is terrible! Too much talk about "feeling sensual" while doing shoulder rolls etc. Veena and Neena do the actual workout, the camera angles allow you to follow along easily enough if you have any bellydance history, but it would be nice if the moves were actually explained as well.