Tonique Sculpt Dynamics

Sylwia Wiesenberg
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Lower Body Strength , Upper Body Strength

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I have been doing Tonique dvd workouts for 2 years - I wrote this after watching the new dvd through but more importantly after actually doing all the workout segments. It inspired me so much I have written my first dvd review.

Tonique Sculpt Dynamics - Review

Set in a SOHO loft, the first impression that Tonique Sculpt Dynamics gives to me is something between Sex and the City and Fame – class, glamour, dance, exuberance and passion; everything which is NYC and Tonique.

The workout incorporates cardio, squats, lunges in a plethora of versions – Tonique trademark moves – which gives an all over workout; no muscle in your body is not used.

But Tonique Sculpt Dynamics is unique. It is an innovative dance sculpt workout which Sylwia created to allow you to break free from regular routines; enjoy your exercise; feel confident and sexy with your body and have fun. As she also says, it revolves around “releasing your wildness”!

There are no strict, complicated choreographed routines which you need to waste valuable time trying to learn – all you need to do is shut out the world and move. You do not need to be perfect, you just need to enjoy and give 100%.
The Dance workout has a short introduction by Sylwia, explaining the concept of the new DVD, which is followed by a spectacular two hours of workout. Sculpt Dynamics is made up of dance cardio (a nice combination of high and lower impact moves); lunges and squats, kicks, some floor work, mountain climbers, arm and core work.

It is split into five chapters, each approximately 20 – 30 minutes long; and, following the main ethos of this new workout, you have complete freedom to pick and choose whichever segments you like.

If you have time to do a long workout, then go for it, but do not be concerned if you only have time to do one segment – you will get more from this than an hour of some other routines. Just lose yourself in the music which has a great beat and feel to it.

Sylwia looks incredible in this workout with stylish outfits. She is great inspiration and motivates you to carry on when you really think you cannot do another second – who would not want to look that good? Also, you can see exactly how she engages her muscles and body so you get to learn the best technique possible.

The Arm Workout is not just an arm workout. Again, this engages and works you whole body – you work your core without a single crunch. 2lbs – 3lbs weights maximum are recommended (or you can even do the routine without weights and by controlling your arm movements even more which is a great option for beginners). The moves are quick so it is not necessary or practical to try heavier weights – leave that for a separate session.

As with the Dance Workout, this is a fluid routine, blending in toning for legs and glutes with dance moves and including a pure cardio session at the end for an intense boost. There are many different upper body moves and rotations, with your arms being worked at a variety of angles – no single area is overworked and the result is toned, shaped and slender arms to complement the lower body results from the Dance DVD.
Arms is 30 minutes non-stop. It is tough, but it is effective; so as Sylwia says “Just do it!”.

Both DVDs have the option of narrative and music, or just music. Personally, I enjoy listening to a trainer for their personality, encouragement and advice and tips on technique. I would at least recommend listening to the narrative for the first few times you do the routines – you will certainly get more out of it this way.

There is an interview with Sylwia at the end of the Arm Workout which gives a very interesting insight into how and why Tonique was created and what an amazing effect it can have on you.

Tonique was not created to make everyone look the same – every woman is unique and this is what Tonique celebrates. It makes you stronger physically and mentally and makes you look the best you can for you. You will become toned and healthy. Do not compare yourself with others, do not starve yourself, just look forward to fabulous results and “don’t stop moving!”

Instructor Comments:
Sylwia keeps you motivated throughout, particularly through the toughest sections and comes across as very genuine and supportive of people with regards to getting fitter and healthier.

Nina O