10 Pounds Down: Better Body Blast

Jessica Smith
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Total Body Workouts

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This dvd has five 10 minute segments that can be played individually or mixed & matched to create your own custom workout. Jessica leads with 2 backgrounders in a nice studio/ gym setting. One exerciser provides easier modifications.

Ab Rehab: Exercises include: frog crunches, long lever cross crunches, twisting V, & plank pike walks. Jessica takes you through this routine twice, the second round she adds intensity options to make the work more challenging.

Pilates for a Tighter Tummy: These exercises are ballet & pilates inspired and include: roll downs, pulsing scissors, oblique twists, crunches w/ a leg lift & sweep, attitude leg circles, corss leg under over/ leg drops & hip lifts, ballerina teaser raises, and kneeling side knee pulls.

Core Makeover: This w/o hits all angles of the core & back and has some super unique & fun exercises including: cobra w/ a core lift, 1 leg plank w/ a knee sweep, X double crunches, side plank w/ a lower leg circle, V drop w/ U knees, wiper leg drops w/ a tuck, X raises for the low back adding a side sweep crunch, figure 8 rows, & side knee pull.

Fat Free Cardio Ab Blast: This is an awesome core cardio routine! Exercises include: burpee & plank knee pulls, side plank w/ a leg sweep, runners lunge floor touch to knee up, balance oblique toe points, plank moguls, V hold w/ balance challenge arms, plyo squats w/ cross chop, cross chop knee pulls, Mt climbers, and a unique supine rocker move. The dvd is worth this section alone- LOVE IT!

Turbo Charged Belly Toning: You will dumbbells for this workout. You start standing and preform triangle side raises, elbow to side knee pull down, & small figure 8's. You then move to the floor and perform a weighted recliner move, cross crunches, and sit ups w/ a weighted reach. Great addition of dumbbells in this and unique exercises.

I rate these solid intermediate core routines, love the variety of exercises & time options. As always Jessica is a fabulous instructor, great personality, cuing, and form pointers. LOVE the core cardio routine- great way to get a lot accomplished in only 10 minutes! I received this dvd to review.