Peak 10 More Cardio Strength

Michelle Dozois
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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This is a 57 min chaptered nonstop cardio & strength interval workout. Michelle works you through basecamp, ascent, climb, and finally you max out in the peak phase. The basecamp & ascent are strength moves & the climb & max are cardio. You will need dumbbells for this workout. Michelle works out w/ 6 b/g exercisers and modifications are shown.

There is no warmup in this but the 10 first block doesnt contain peaks. Exercises include: dip-clean & press, side lunge & row, hi knees, double jogs, burpee gorilla crawls, side plank hip drops, pushups, tri pushups, plyo lunge & bi curl, 180 squat touch downs, shuffle & seal jacks, side lunge & diagonal raise, KB swing & hop, side plank thrusts, plank & 1 arm fly, curtsy diagonal raise, dive bomb pushups, fast side to side tuck jumps, plank donkey kicks, side knee tuck jumps, and a cooldown.

I rate this an advanced workout! I was dripping with sweat by the end. Michelle moves nonstop from exercise to exercise and most of the strength work got or kept my heart rate up. Lots of great functional core work and lots of combo moves. Love the workout & the format. Michelle is an excellent lead, great cuing & form pointers. I received this dvd to review.



Michelle Dozoisí More Cardio Strength

Iíve only previewed this DVD so this review is based on that. This is the same set as Micheleís previous workouts. There are 6 background exercisers (4 ladies and 2 gentlemen)and Jackie is the modifier. You will need a set of light weights and a set of heavy weights. For each block I will list only some exercises and give more descriptive info on a couple. The Basecamp at the start of each block is grabbing your weights and setting up. Each Block is 10 minutes.

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*Introduction ~ Here Michelle explains the concepts of the Peak 10 Training Levels. [B]Basecamp[/B] is recovery, in [B]Initial Ascent [/B]you ramp up the intensity, in [B]Climb [/B]you challenge yourself and [B]Peak[/B] is a full-out effort. In this workout the ascent will be the weight section and the climb the cardio.
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[B]Block 1[/B]
Light weights. Here the[B] ascent[/B] is the warm-up. Compound moves with a functional feel. The c[B]limb[/B] starts with a side burpee and there is no [B]peak[/B] on this block.

[B]Block 2[/B]
Heavy weights. Some of the moves in this block include a squat with an overhead press, side plank with curl, a really cool push-up move, tricep push-ups, regular push-ups, row variations while side lunging, and alternating lunge jumps (little jumps) with bicep curls. The cardio moves in this block are seal jacks, kickboxing, drop squats, shuffles, and the [B]Peak[/B] is 180 squat touchdown.

[B]Block 3[/B]
Light weights. The moves here include a lunge forward and back with 2 different shoulder moves and a side lunge circling the arms. Michelle does a move here where you set your weights down, jump go down and grab the weights, come up and do a side shoulder raise. There is also dive bombers and a one arm plank with a one arm fly. The cardio moves include jogging, with jogs with one leg cross back, knee ups, scissor and squat jumps. The [B]Peak[/B] is side to side jumps touching floor with one hand. Tough.

[B]Block 4[/B]
Heavy weights. The first moves here are kettlebell inspired using one weight. There is one move where you use both weights and you lunge back with one leg, when you come back up you squat while bringing your arms to shoulder level, then stand and raise one arm to shoulder press while the opposite leg (the one that lunged) lifts to the side. The cardio in the block includes some kickboxing moves, ski jumps, sliding side to side and knee ups. The [B]Peak[/B] is Big Ski Jumps.

[B]Block 5[/B]
Light weights. The moves here include courtesy with a front and lateral raise and a donkey kicks to an incline push-up. The cardio has mountain climbers and sit outs (these are in the Peakfit Challenge set). It also has power lunges (a cross between atomic lunges and scissors). The [B]Peak[/B] is knee slappers (jump with wide legs and slap knee).

[B]Cool down & Stretch[/B]
The cool down starts at 50:35. These are the usual stretches with some nice additions. Workout ends at 55:35

Instructor Comments:
I can imagine being Michelle's friend IRL. She looks like she knows how to have fun!