Burn with Kearns, 30 Minute Core Strength Workout

Kevin Kearns
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Abs/Core

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This 30 minute core/total body workout utilizes a medicine ball, tubing, & dumbbells.

The workout has the following chapters:

Instructional Segment:
Here Kevin instructs while Marissa demonstrates the moves.

Includes a warmup (using the med ball) and the main workout. I didn't see much of a cool down, however the workout concludes with floor work.

Workout without music:
In case you prefer to use your own.

Very pretty, nice dark wood flooring with light green walls. Potted plants are placed around the background. The music is nothing fancy, just basic instrumental type.

Workout Breakdown:

Using your med ball you'll begin with twists side to side. Then you'll do wood chops followed immediately by diagonal wood chops. The warmup concludes with big circles. Next up is some lower body conditioning using no weight. It's performed in such a manner to get your heart rate up. You'll begin with squats and lunges and progress to ice skaters (lateral bounding) followed by split jumps. (be prepared to feel your quads during those) Now pick up your med ball and perform figure 8's. Then you'll do a move called low chops on each side followed by side bends. This med ball section ends with big circles again. You'll break briefly for a water break. (you may want to use this time to pause the workout and attach your tubing to a door using a door attachment) With the band you'll perform moves to work your chest and back. Chest presses, flyes, alternating punches and tubing rows are included. After the tubing exercises you'll do some more lower body conditioning to get the heart rate back up. First you'll perform a front lunge to side lunge combo. After repeating to opposite side you'll do those side to side lateral skaters again. Next is one legged reaches followed by 180 degree squat jumps. Now grab some very light hand weights, as these moves are performed fairly quickly and you'll want to use perfect form. You'll perform curls to overhead presses first followed by upper cuts. Next up is overhead tricep extensions. The last move uses no weights. You'll get into pushup position and do a move Kevin calls arm stepouts. (you'll move one arm forward, followed by the next then move each arm back to the original position) Water break. The workout then concludes on the floor with moves using a medicine ball to work your core. Med ball situps are done first followed by a kayaking move that will work your obliques. Roll backs are the last move using the medicine ball. Finally you'll perform what Kevin calls isometric bridges with no weight. (these are also known as planks) He holds them awhile and are a tough move for the core muscles.

Kevin keeps the pace fast which should help to keep your heart rate up. This will burn extra calories to release the fat that's covering up those abdominals. (but due to the faster pace I would recommend this workout for more int/advanced participants who know how to perform the moves properly so your form doesn't suffer) This workout will not only tone your core but work your entire body in only 30 minutes.

Instructor Comments:
Kevin is straight forward and sometimes jovial in his approach. Kevin will let you know how many reps of each exercise you'll be performing and he will count them out as you perform them. (so no doing 10 on one side, then 8 on the other) Check out his website www.burnwithkearns.com and you'll be able to view clips as well.