Barry's Bootcamp 5 Day Academy: Arms & Abs

Barry Jay
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Total Body Workouts, Treadmill/Elliptical/Running/Stairs

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Barry leads this workout with a group of background exercisers in his actual bootcamp gym & you can see some treadmill runners on the sides. This dvd includes a cardio, treadmill cardio, and strength workout. You will need dumbbells & a step bench for the strength, a bench for the cardio, a treadmill for the treadmill. I love the music but there is a music off option as well.

Strength: (30 minutes): You do some jumping jacks to warm up and then move right into the work. Exercises include: lying tri extensions, bi curls, dips, 1 arm lying tri press, bicep 21's, jack knives, tri push backs, single arm tri kickbacks, oh tri press and concludes w/ a stretch. Barry finishes each exercise with a static hold. REALLY works the tri's!

Cardio: (21 minutes) This is the toughest cardio of the set & you will burn a ton of calories in only 20 min! Each exercise is performed for one minute with virtually to no rest between. Exercises include: fast feet & jacks (warmup), side lunges off the step, plyo lunges, plyo lunges w/ front foot on bench, burpees, pushups, bench Mt. climbers, hopping on & off the bench, & a jack-squat-plyo lunge combo. The circuit is performed twice.

Treadmill Cardio: (17 minutes) I dont have a treadmill so I didnt do this workout but upon a quick preview Barry has the crew do pullups while lying on the treadmill, then with the power off he has them do a "shopping cart" exercise and run the treadmill manually. The remainder is treadmill interval running.

I rate this disc advanced! Barry is really motivational and keeps you going long after the burn kicks in! He provides superb form pointers, cuing, and motivation just when you need it! Really thorough workouts that get the job done. Fun & effective in a reasonable amount of time! I compare these workouts to S90- if you like those, you will like these!