Barry's Bootcamp 5 Day Academy: Full Body

Barry Jay
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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Barry leads this workout with a group 6 exercisers in the BBC gym. This dvd only has a 44 min body weight only strength workout on i & you will only need a step bench. There is a music off option (though I love the music!) and it is chaptered (as are all the strength w/o's in this set). Each exercise is performed for 1 minute and Barry finishes a lot of the exercises with a static hold to really burn out those muscles.

This is the toughest body weight only strength w/o I can recall every doing! Barry adds in some cardio moves & the pace is brisk enough to get the heart pumping!!!! The warmup is a 2 min wall sit followed by jacks. Exercises include: pushups, plank, plyo lunges, deep squats, squat w/ knee raise, tricep dips, long lever arm circles, pushups, bench Mt. climbers, burpee to pushup, squats off the bench, decline pushups, superman holds, donkey kicks, double crunch, bench V drops, spelling A-Z w/ your legs fully extended. The last exercise before the cooldown is: 2 minutes of plank, plank twists, & plank side knee pulls.

This is an advanced workout. Barry's cuing is spot on, he provides excellent form pointers, and I find him very motivating. Love that this is body weight only but so effective- all my muscles were worked- many fatigued. The pace is perfect- basically nonstop action and quick enough to get a great sweat on. Fantastic workout!