Peak 10 More Cardio Interval Burn

Michelle Dozois
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

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This is a (chaptered) 61 minute nonstop cardio workout. Michelle leads in a spacious white/ hardwood room with 6 background exercisers. You wont need any equipment for this workout and some modifications are shown. The workout structure starts with a basecamp move, move into ascent and then climb and finish with almost 30 seconds of peak intensity. You perform five 10 minute intervals for two rounds each (a total of 10 peaks).

After a warmup, Exercises include: Switch jump & knee pulls, side thrust burpees, double knee step hops, cross punches, running, jab & knee up, speed bag move up, jacks, 180 jumps, air jacks, cross knee pull, soccer drill, tire run, leap & jump shot, torso twist knee up, plank moguls, tuck jump to burpees, plyo squat floor touches & lunge back, double jacks, football run, front kick & hitch kick, double jog, hi knees, 180 & tuck jumps, floor touch plyo lunges & pendulums and concludes with a cooldown.

This is an advanced non-stop cardio workout! If you liked the original Peak 10 Cardio Interval Burn- you will love this one! The transitions are quick and there are a lot of different exercises so the choreo is a bit trickier than the other Peak 10's, though I would not say it was by any means complex. LOVE that Michelle gets some great standing core work in. Michelle is a great lead with a great energy. I love the format of these workouts and the time really flys by! No dread for such a tough workout! I received this dvd to review.



Michelle Dozois More Cardio Interval Burn

This review is after previewing and Iím going to go on record and say that this is Michelleís best work yet. The moves were fresh, the music pumping and she looked stunning! (Girlfriend has a fantastic haircut). This is the same studio that was used for the other Peakfit workouts. The cast is made up of 6 members, 4 ladies and 2 gentlemen. Diane is the modifier and she mostly modifies the peak sections. When the credits rolled I noticed Giusy was the assistant choreographer and she now sports a six pack!! (Iím I shallow for noticing this? LOL)
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*Cool down & Stretch

In the Introduction Michelle talks about the Peakfit program and explains the concept of the 4 peak training levels. Base camp is recovery. Initial ascent is when you start to ramp up the intensity. Climb pushes you to challenge yourself and Peak is full-out maximum effort that takes you to a breathless state. The first half of the first block does not have base camp since you are just starting out from the warm-up and that serves as the base camp but the second half of the first block and all the others have it. As the other Peakfit workouts you first do one side then you do the other which is nice because by the time you get to the second side you know what to expect.
The whole workout is strongly flavored kickboxing with high energetic aerobics, sprinkled with plyometrics. Hope that made sense. The kickboxing combos were fun and the way she combines both aerobics (but they are more athletic than say a grapevine) and kickboxing is brilliant. In other words these are not old tired out combos.
The cool down stretch starts at 54:57 and the workout ends at 60:10. These are typical stretches but Michelleís flow is just so good!

If you havenít bought this yet, click your way to Michelleís site and buy it!!

Instructor Comments:
Michelle is encouraging and has great camera presence.