Tone & Tighten

Brooke Burke
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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This is Brooke Burke's first exercise video to hit the mass market, though I have seen her in exercise magazines (Shape, Fitness) for several years, talking about the workouts that get her in shape. Other than those appearances, I really have no idea who she is (t.v. personality of some sort?)

I like that the dvd allows you to do the entire workout or pick-and-choose segments to create your workout for the day. Segments are:

Warm Up: mostly dynamic and static stretching (head rolls, leg stretches, standing quad stretch --which she initially says stretches one's hamstrings)

Lower Body: Here is one of my "beefs." Why call this a "lower body" segment when there are just as many upper body moves? Some moves: curtsey lunges, skaters, punches with weights, speed punches w/ no weights, warrior w/ 1-arm row, knee lifts w/ "atlas" arms, rear lunge w /front kick/touch, squat series (3 different moves), a plie series.

Upper Body: A series of (mostly) non-traditional, standing moves. Felt that the shoulders and triceps got a lot of attention, w/ some biceps work. There is a set of wide biceps curls that they are doing with (what appears to be) ridiculously light weights....barre workouts do the same, but Brooke doesn't give the same level of detail and instruction to make me feel like hers will do much of anything.

Core: Plank series (rocker/body saw, hip drops, cat/cow, pushups with leg lift) -- not sure if this part is part of the Upper Body segment or Core. Then she moves on to seated moves done in a leaning-back position (reach back like in Barre3) and then some moves on the back.

Cool Down: Very similar to the warm up (almost identical at the beginning) but with a few added moves (one being a windmill-type move).

Most moves were done for 1 minute with minimal rest between moves (mostly used for instruction on next move or brief stretch).
There is a modifier, but whether or not she modifies each move from the start is inconsistent.
Main menu has option of Instruction Only, Music Only, or both.
I really like the location, nice brick, natural light. Lovely.
The moves in this video reminded me of Ellen Barrett's style (but with less flow and grace); I think it would compliment an Ellen or barre rotation.

Instructor Comments:
Brooke looks incredible for being a mother of 4 in her 40s. She cues fairly well and occasionally instructs on form (though I'd like more form pointers). She does giggle a bit and repeats certain phrases more than a few times ("Awesome!")