Spinervals Competition 28.0 - Aero Base Builder VI

Troy Jacobson
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Indoor Cycling

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Length-1 Hour
Difficulty Rating - 7.5
Type- Aerobic Base Builder, level 2/3


Warm Up - 3x
30 sec. Hard/30 sec. Easy

1 Minute Rest

8 x 1 min. @ 20 sec.

1 Minute Rest

12 x 45 sec. @ 15 sec.

1 Minute Rest

16 x 30 sec. @ 10 sec.

Cool Down

This is an excellent ABB workout. With the short sets and very little rest, this workout is not boring at all and goes by quickly. My heart rate stayed up since the rest intervals were so short. I can do this DVD several times a week and am thinking about doing it 2x in a row for days when I need a longer indoor workout. Also, it could easily be modified to be a more intense interval session by increasing resistance/effort. I would highly recommend this workout for someone who gets bored by doing indoor cardio. Personally, I find it very difficult to do sets that are 15-20 minutes long. That's one reason why I haven't gotten into the ABB workouts as much and prefer the more intense Spinerval DVDs.

Instructor Comments:
I'm a big fan of Coach Troy - He is a very positive and motivating instructor.