Spinervals Competition 33.0 - The Pain Cave

Troy Jacobson
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Indoor Cycling

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Length- 50 minutes
Difficulty Rating- 9.8
Type- Interval Workout


Warm Up - 3x
30 sec. Hard/30 sec. Easy
2 minute rest
10 X 20 sec fast @ 20 sec rest
3 min rest
6 X 90 sec threshold intervals @ 30 sec rest
5 min progressive tempo, zone 4
3 min rest
3 X 15 sec tempo-15 sec recovery-15 sec sprint @ 1 min rest

This is another one of my favorite Spinervals. I love high intensity interval workouts and this one lives up to it's name! By the time I am halfway through the 90 second intervals I am going into The Pain Cave. This is the type of workout that can really help a cyclist get faster, and more fit. I love that this workout is less than an hour.

Instructor Comments:
Coach Troy is motivating, as usual.