Figure 30: Hips

Tracie Long
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Gliding Disks, Lower Body Strength

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This dvd has already been broken down extensively, so I won't go into too many details. Overall, I really enjoyed this workout. I liked the variety of exercises, particularly those that focused on balance work. Many of the exercises really stretched out my hips without overworking them. Tracie didn't really cue the moves as well as I would have liked, particularly in one sequence near the beginning where she has you in a low runner's lunge and quickly changing feet to kick back. This is not a poorly cued workout by any means, but I feel that this is a workout where you really need to pay attention to Tracie's cues and squeeze all the right places at all the right times. Otherwise you probably won't get much out of it, especially as you are only given 30 minutes (more around 24 if you take out time for warm up, cool down, and stretch). I agree that this is a good recovery workout or good for a day where you want to focus on body weight workouts.

What I Liked
The variety of exercises, the balance work, and the music were all very good. As I am someone that has to deal with hip issues, I feel that this workout really worked my hips well without aggravating them. I felt like I got a decent stretch throughout the workout.

What I Didn't Like
Tracie's cueing could really use some work.

What You May Want To Be Aware Of
Really concentrate on what she tells you to do, otherwise some moves may tweak your lower back. Be very deliberate in your movements, as this is not a workout where you can just "go through the motion". Oh, and there is a tiny bit of impact.

Instructor Comments:
Tracie is lovely, strong, and inspirational to look at. But, bless her heart, she could really cue some more. She DOES mirror cue, which is a plus, but she even messed up there once or twice.



Tracie leads this 30 minute hip focused workout alone in a brick set & works out on a pedestal. I would call this an athletic ballet style workout- which is a super unique blend! The majority of the workout is done standing & concludes with a short floor section. You will need gliding discs (or alternative), ankle weights, and a dowel for this workout.

Lots of variety of exercises so you will never get bored with this routine. She really hits the hips and includes LOTS of great balance work and some exercises will get your heart rate up. She provides plenty of tempo changes to keep your body & balance guessing.

Exercises include: balance toe point & knee raise, side leg raise, balance lunges, cross back-hurdle over- plyo lunge combo, side squat -balance kick, low runners lunge, side kicks w/ the dowel, a fun & effective routine using the gliding discs, ankle weights, & dowel, squats & weighted side leg raises, weighted toe points, and concludes with pretzel & a stretch.

I rate this a beginner/ intermediate workout that is really appropriate for all fitness levels. Very unique and a great way to get more variety in your workout routine. As always, Tracie is a fantastic lead, great demeanor and form pointers. Love the unique exercises, the focus on the hips, the balance work, and the variety of exercises she includes in 30 minutes. I received this dvd to review.



“Figure 30: Hips” is a 30 minute lower body workout led by Tracie Long. It is chaptered into 4 sections (w/u, cardio, sliding, stretch), and has the menu options to play all or play individual segments. It is mostly a bodyweight workout (straight forward exercises like squats & combination exercises like squat & leg abduction) w/ some athletic cardio exercises (lunge jumps), and a mix of standing & floor exercises. A dowel stick is used for for stability (single leg exercises: kicks), sliding discs (side lunge, rear lunge, semi-circle variations) and ankle weight for Sliding segment.

I enjoyed this workout, and I used it as a stand alone, recovery type workout. Tracie has solid exercises in interesting combinations (not totally basic, but not hard to learn), w/out overkill reps or awkward exercises. She cues well, provides excellent form pointers and the workout has a nice flow (work through one side before moving onto the next, work through standing before moving to the floor). There are some stretches mixed in between performing the other side of exercises, and there is a good mix of single leg & double leg exercises. Tracie is gorgeous and fit, I have used many of her older Firm workouts, and really enjoy the workouts that she has produced on her own (focus on functional fitness, no-nonsense but encouraging personality, minimal equipment & space needs).

Equipment: ankle weights, sliding/gliding discs, mat & dowel stick

Music: upbeat, not canned (works well)

Set: brick walls w/ wood flooring & wood trim, faux windows w/ punk lighting, some green plants & framed images on wall (female performing stretches)

Warm Up (5 min.)
Knee lift w/ overhead arms, step rear into split leg stance, lunge & rotate torso to tap hand to inside of front foot, reverse motion into split leg stance then knee lift> squat, place hands on floor & hip shift forward w/ elevated heels, reverse motion into knee lift> combine two exercises.

Alternating side lunge w/ torso rotation & arm reach (tap inside of leg), plie squat w/ arms circling inward, up & out to sides> knee lift, extension front, circle inward, circle outward, knee lift, lower leg to floor, alternating sides.

Rear kick, hurdle (to bring leg forward into), knee lift, alternating sides.

Repeat sequence on other side (knee lift, split leg stance, lunge/rotate, knee lift).

Plies> add side bend w/ arms threading through (one overhead, other reaching opposite direction)> Plie press (pulses).

High Cardio Hips (10 min.)
Side Hurdle (knee lift front, opens to side), leg lowers into wide stance, squat (legs parallel entire time)> reverse motion> add Push off (low lateral leg lift).

Side tap w/ forward hinge (like lateral lunge w/o moving leg’s heel flat on floor) into knee lift> same exercise w/ foot held off floor (lateral leg extension).

Forward lunge, knee lift, rear kick, knee lift> rear kick w/ quick, quick, slow tempo, then knee lift.
Side lunge, knee lift, side kick, knee lift> side kick w/ quick, quick, slow tempo, then knee lift.

Cross back (two steps: step to rear on diagonal w/ that leg rotating to side, step w/ front front in place), hurdle forward w/ same leg into split lunge, two lunge jumps (alternating).

TFL (tensor fascia latae) stretch

Figure 4 stretch

Split lunge jumps (w/ flat back & finger tips reaching for floor)> add back hurdle stop (hurdle forward, knee lift hold)> add quick, quick, slow tempo leg extension (from the lowered split lunge position into runner’s lunge).

Forward Bend w/ split leg stance & rear heel elevated> bring feet together, spinal roll to standing position.

Repeat entire sequence on other side (start w/ Split Lunge Jump sequence, then Side Hurdle sequence, TFL & Figure 4 stretch).

Side Kicks w/ dowel stick (held by opposite side hand)> work through one side at a time.

Sliding Ankle Weighted Hips (10 min.)
Sliding Side Lunge (ankle weight on non-sliding leg, dowel held on shoulders)> add Sliding rear cross back (curtsy) lunge> Quick, quick, slow tempo sliding side lunge> Sliding (semi)circle front-side-rear, then (semi) circle rear-side-front.

Semi Circle (dowel held in opposite hand as leg moving)>start w/ legs turned out slightly> leg lifts off floor, from front to rear, static hold, reverse motion.

Squat, leg abduction, squat, leg forward for static hold> semi circle rear, static, hold, semi circle front.
Alternating Side squat (wide stance) into narrow stance at fast tempo> Squat, leg abductions> add leg forward.

Repeat entire sequence on other side.

Butterfly stretch

Pretzel position (bent knees, one in front of other w/ lower leg held off floor w/ flexed heel, but knee on floor, forward lean)> bent leg lift, pulses> push back (leg extends rear. static hold.

Sliding Reverse Plank (start seated w/ hands in back of body, feet turned out & on discs)> slide legs forward & lift hips off floor for static hold> lower hips to floor & slide legs into bent (starting) position.
Side bend w/ overhead arm in seated position.

Seated forward bend

Stretch (5 min)
Runner’s Lunge> w/ rotation: one hand on floor/overhead arm, rotate into leg> other hand on floor, rotate away from body> roll hip/onto outer foot (still in runner’s lunge) & static hold.

Pretzel position (w/ torso extended to side, elbow on floor, other arm overhead)> shoulder roll: roll top shoulder forward & reverse for rear roll.

Repeat on other side.

Cross ankles & roll onto all fours> downward dog w/ high leg lift, bend knee & turn out for static hold.
Lower into onto all fours> shift hips forward, then extend bent leg to side & hold, both sides.