Reboot: Vol. 1

Tracie Long
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Total Body Workouts

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Reboot: Vol. 1 is a 48 min. workout led by Tracie Long that alternates athletic cardio & resistance segments w/ short recovery exercises in between the two primary segments (exercises are dynamic & static stretches, bodyweight exercises). The workout is chaptered by segments: Warm-up, Hamstrings & Butt, Lunges & Shoulders, Weighted Push Ups & Rows, Squats & Biceps, Core & Stretch. One can choose a segment to play or play all. Tracie explains that there is 75 seconds work/45 seconds recovery per interval of cardio (but no timer or countdown clock shows the time, there are just cues by Tracie of when to move on to next segment). The cardio exercises consist of some low & high impact exercises sequenced with basic choreography (a lot of lateral movements w/ forward, rear & diagonal direction, too): triple steps, mambos, chasse, power knees, squat jumps, split lunge jumps, jumping jacks, kick variations, cross punches, lateral skaters and shuffles. The resistance segments focus on a variety of exercises (work total body), some compound exercises (multiple muscle groups): squat, lunges, push-ups & dumbbell chop and isolation exercises: bicep curls, French Press. The exercises sequencing starts of basic, and then progression is added (static lunge> add rear leg lift> add 1-arm press) for the functional twist (some have rotation added to movement or tempo/rep change or direction change). I found all the segments to be solid, good variety in the exercises and no focus on using the same, repetitive exercises.

I liked this workout, the time went by quickly with each segment and there are enough reps & complexity in most of the movement patterns to keep it interesting, but also to feel sufficiently worked. I used 5 lbs. & 7.5 lbs. (mostly the 7.5 lbs.) because I was using this as a supplemental/second workout of the day (not a primary). Tracie mostly uses her heavy pair of weights (10 lbs.). I tend to like athletic cardio so the cardio sequence was fun to me (some segments alternate between high & low impact/intensity), and the core segment is short (consists of a few exercises) but works well (solid picks).

Cast: just Tracie

Music: upbeat instrumental, not canned (donít recall any vocals)

Set: brick walls w/ wood flooring & wood trim, faux windows w/ pink lighting, some green plants & framed images on wall (female performing stretches)

Equipment: one pair of medium dumbbells & one pair of heavy dumbbells (Tracie is using a pair or 7 lbs. & 10 lbs.), mat

Warm Up (5 min.)
Knee lift, place foot rear for pulses in split leg stance, hold in lowered position than knee lift, step tap.
Alternating lateral lunge> add single arm reach side then overhead> alternating between variations (arm sweep & w/out).

Squat, then slow spinal roll> step out w/ right leg & same side arm extension (at side of body w/ flexed hand), hold, repeat w/ other leg> Inhale w/ arm sweep open & out to side (at chest level).

Alternating cross punches (w/ pivot)> squats (pulsing).

Repeat sequence on other side (start w/ knee lift, pulses in split leg stance)> repeat sequence, multiple times on both sides.

Hamstrings & Butt (8 min.)
Cardio: Triple Step (moving laterally), alternating sides> side step, then 3 plyo jumps, alternating sides> alternate between exercises> Easy Mambo (step forward, then other foot, rear step, both w/ weight transfer), chasse> add cross foot in back of other w/ chasse, alternating sides.

Resistance: Squats w/ heavy weights (on shoulders or at sides> squat, lunge rear in lowered position (3), alternating sides, then stand> Squats.

Bodyweight static lunge (work through one side before moving to other).

Cardio: Low Mambo (7)> (power) knee lift to change sides> repeat w/ 3 reps of Low Mambo> 1 rep Low Mambo, 3 alt. knees> step forward & back, alternating sides.

Knee hugs (knee lift, hug to body w/ arms), alternating sides.

Deadlifts w/ heavy weights> Bent over Rows> alternating rows w/ rotation (bow & arrow movement)> Deadlifts.

Alternating side lunge> back stretch (sweep arms forward w/ neck flexion/look down & spinal curve)> squat w/ slow spinal roll.

Lunges & Shoulders (8 min.)
Cardio: Start in lowered position of lunge w/ flat back and w/ same side hands as leg rear on floor, other arm overhead> power triple step w/ overhead arms, alternating sides w/ lunge w/ floor tap> add 3 forward lunges> step tap w/ single overhead arm, alternating sides> w/ torso twist.

Resistance: static lunge w/ one heavy weight (on opposite shoulder, as rear leg)> add rear leg lift> add (diagonal) overhead punch/press to lift w/ other arm held out to side> alternating hold at top position of lunge w/ arm extended overhead, then hold in lowered position w/ OH arm, alternating between two> Single arm overhead press w/ lean (hips & arm).

Side lunge> add single arm sweep (w/ thumb up or down variations) w/ slight forward bend (face side).
Cardio: Marches (narrow, then wide)> Long Jumps (jump forward, hold, alternating steps, rear, to prep for next set) 3 reps> walk (alternating steps) forward, then rear.

Dive (small jump/power into single leg deadlift position w/ arms extended forward), alternating sides>marches> alternating step, glute lift> alternating step, hamstring curl.

Repeat sequence on other side (start w/ static lunge).

Weighted Push Ups & Rows (8 min.): uses heavy weights
Cardio: shuffle, knee lift, alternating sides> add double squat, jump to face side/split leg stance, jump to face center, jump split leg stance, center> alternating step, cross rear.

Resistance: Push Ups (on toes) w/ wide stance of legs & arms (hands rest on dumbbells)> Renegade Rows (alternating rows in plank position), single reps, then 3 reps per side> Push Ups> shoulder rolls.

Clasped hands, overhead arms, lower a bit to rear, then Side bend.

Cardio: Front Kick, rear kick (other leg)> 3 alternating rear kicks, jumping jack> Split lunge jumps (work through one side, then other)> Repeat sequence on other side> Alternating step, cross rear.

Side lunges (weight on shoulders), alternating sides> French Press (overhead tricep extension)> Single Overhead arm sweep w/ side bend> hands clasped, arms extended to front.

Squats & Biceps (8 min.)
Cardio: alternating step tap> add power> alternate between two variations> step abductions, alternating sides> add power & single overhead arm (opposite side)> alternate between two variations> alternate traveling step touch> add single shoulder rotation.

Resistance: Bicep curls (standard grip)> Clock squats w/ weights held at sides of body (diagonal step to rear into plie, then return to center squat), alternating sides> repeat sequence.

Open arms overhead (pulls back into Y position), lower to meet hands/arms extend at chest level, then pull rear into inverted Y (at bottom).

Cardio: alternating step touch> fast pace lateral skaters, then slow pace> alternating step touch> squat press, then squat jumps.

Alternating (slow) Cross punches

Weighted Core (5 min.): heavy weight
Dumbbell Chop w/ single weight: start in lowered lunge position w/ weight held low (pivot w/ lift & lower)> squat w/ slow spinal roll> Inhale w/ overhead arms, exhale forward bend> bend knees & reverse motion, hold w/ straight legs.

(Dumbbell) Half Get Up w/ single weight: (roll up into the semi-seated position supported by bent elbow & reverse motion)> Chest press, both arms, alternating arms w/ shoulder rotation (shoulders come off of floor)> Half Get Up, other side.

Glute Bridge> add single knee pull in, hold> alternating single knee pull in, faster pace.

Side Plank> add overhead arm (close to ear)> side-lying quad stretch> 90/90 (bent knees, one in front/other in rear stretch w/ overhead arm> repeat on other side.

Stretch (5 min.)
Seated Hamstring w/ bent knees, then w/ straight legs.

Reverse Plank> cross ankles, roll forward, into table top then straighten legs> wide stance, w/ flat back & hands on floor, then shift to one side for static hold (lateral lunge position)> walk hands to bent knee to rotate torso> repeat on other side.

Walk feet in, spinal roll to standing> single arm circles rear> overhead arms clasped> side bend.

Instructor Comments:
Tracie has a pleasant, easy going personality in this workout, and combined w/ clear cues & great form pointers, she does an excellent job keeping the workout engaging & fun.



Tracie leads this 48 minute chaptered workout. Tracie works out alone on a podium in a nice brick gym. You will need dumbbells for this workout. The w/o format is 75 seconds of cardio or strength work, followed by 45 seconds of active recovery.

Exercises include: step & jump, mambo sache, triple step, dead lifts, rows, double side step w/ a floor touch, lunge adding a diagonal overhead press, long jump, shuffle knew ups, plyo squats & lunges, kicks, jacks, side toe taps adding power, pushup & renegade row, French pres, side lunges, bridge & knee pulls, side plank, chest press reaches and concludes with a stretch.

I rate this a solid intermediate w/o that is pretty easy to modify to fit your needs. This is absolutely my favorite "new" Tracie Long workout- its a great format with tons of great combo moves, lots of variety, functional, and as always Tracies form & cuing are impeccable. This workout really accomplishes a lot in less than 50 minutes. Cant wait for more from the reBoot series!!!! I received this dvd to review.



Full disclosure: I received a free review copy of this workout.

This workout by Tracie Long is the first in a new series. It is very structured workout that has 75 seconds of cardio work followed by 45 seconds of a recovery move followed by a strength move and then finished with some kind of stretch/recovery. The cardio is comprised of all basic moves, some low impact and some high. It is easy to modify the impact, if you want. You can do the entire workout or you can choose the chapters you want:

Play All
Warm Up (5 mins)
Hamstrings & Butt (8 mins)
Lunges & Shoulders (8 mins)
Weighted Push Ups & Rows
Squats & Biceps (8 mins)
Weighted Core (5 mins)
Stretch (5 mins)

Two sets of dumbbells are used, one set of light and one set that is heavier. One of the things that I like about Tracie is that she lists appropriate weights for the two sets and suggests that you can go heavier than the stereotypical workout does these days. She is by herself in this workout and stands on a raised platform. If you don't have much space to work out, you would be okay with this workout.

Parts of this workout were fun for me. Overall though, I just wasn't engaged. I'm not sure that the disconnect was for me because the workout was well constructed. I guess it seemed to be well done, but without an ultimate point or purpose for me to focus on. There seemed to be a lack of overall purpose or reason or motivation or something to the workout.

Instructor Comments:
Tracie was her usual descriptive self. I had a hard time connecting with her in this workout though.

Laura S.