Sexy Abs with Kelly Rowland

Jeanette Jenkins
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Abs/Core

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Jeanette leads this workout with some encouragement and fun from her client & friend Kelly Rowland. The ladies work out in a white room w/ 2 background exercisers, the workout is black & white- which gives it a really cool effect and the music is AWESOME! The dvd is broken down into short ab workouts that can be done individually or you can “play all” from the main menu. You wont need any equipment for these workouts.

Love Handles: (7 min) exercises include walking planks w/ knee pulls, side plank & hip drops, oblique crunches & side lying leg raises & pulses.

Six Pack: (5 min) exercises include rollups, crunch holds, leg circles, isolation leg extensions, and slow bicycles.

Sculpt: (6 min) exercises include: roll-ups, cross crunches, double crunches, & isolation pulses.

Tone: (4 min) exercises include crunches, penguin heel taps, crunch w/ leg scissors & reaches.

Define: (4 min) exercises include v-sit holds adding pulses and variations, V sit ups, and seated twists.

Burn: (4 min) this section includes four sets of 25 reps of bicycles.

I would rate this a solid intermediate core workout. Also included are a separate warm-up and cool-down section. Jeanette & Kelly make this a very fun workout-they have a great energy! Some of the exercises are tough but they are all doable and I love that there are so many time options, so many different moves, and LOVE Jeanette as a lead. This is a “get in and get it done” workout that accomplishes a lot in a short amount of time.