Burn at the Barre

Helena Hultberg-Talman, Andromeda Trumball
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Ballet/Barre

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Andromeda & Helena rotate instructing sections of this fully chaptered 63 minute workout. You will need a barre or chair, a pilates or weighted ball, and light hand weights for this workout. Their are three exercisers each performing a different intensity- offering beginner, intermediate, and advanced options.

The chapters are broken down into basically: warmup, standing barre, dancy standing barre, upper body, core work, lower body floor work, and cooldown, stretch. They do a fantastic job of using the ball to add variety & challenge to the Lower body work: lots of pliets, standing leg sweeps, hip shifts, pretzel, calf raises, portabra, hip beats, & bridge. Upper body: with the use of light weights, wiper pushes adding hip shifts, rear fly, alternating military presses, lateral pushes, tricep series, & a plank series. Core work includes great use of the ball for reverse crunches, long lever oblique crunches, and swimming & superman lower back work.

I rate this workout beginner to advanced depending on which modifier you follow- love that they include something for everyone & I love the addition of the ball-makes the core work tough. Great standing pilates fused w/ ballet & barre. Tough floor lower body & core work. Nice little mix and the instructors are obviously very knowledgeable about pilates & instruction- both kind of dry but the w/o is enjoyable. I received this dvd to review.



I didn't think that I would like this workout but decided to take the chance on it and I loved it! It was the most enjoyable new workout I've done in a long time. I saw shades of P57, Callanetics, Cardio Barre, Bar Method, and Tracey Anderson. I didn't see any really new moves with this but it was a very nice fusion of several barre workouts incorporating both small and large range movements. I found the pace just perfect. If you found Cardio Barre, Booty Barre and even P57 too fast then you might just like this one. I found all the moves to be comfortable to perform and they did not rep you to death. I would say this is a low intermediate workout. As for the advanced exerciser, her overall look seemed incongruous with the other three ladies. I'm also not an expert but I thought sometimes that she was displaying bad form/momentum. I just concentrated on the person showing the intermediate moves, either Helena or Andromeda. Today, I have light DOMS just about everywhere.

Warm-up about 5:03
Thigh work about 6:38
Glutes and Hamstrings about 10:22
Cardio Thigh work about 8:42
Arms (includes plank work) about 10:18
Abs about 7:31
Glute work on the floor (includes pretzel) about 8:10
Final Stretches about 5:00

Instructor Comments:
Andromeda and Helene are both instructors here. They each lead alternate sections of this workout. It was a little different but it kept my interest up. They are both professional and cued well.