P90X2: P.A.P. Upper

Tony Horton
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Upper Body Strength

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P90X2 P.A.P. Upper

"Bring your swagger."

In my view, this is another balance workout, and it's much easier than Balance and Power or X2Core. I actually added PAP Lower (minus warm up and cool down), and I got a decent body workout. But I didn't feel very worked out after just the upper. [Note: because the warm ups on all these workouts are really long, I've actually put two together several times. The central portion of each workout is about 30 minutes, so it's doable to do the warm-up of one and then two workouts.]

The moves in this workout are not as unique as the moves in the other workouts.
I enjoy doing planks with feet on med ball, but Amy B. does a more challenging version of this where you moves your feet slight to the side to engage the obliques, so I added that factor in. I did love the superman with weighted bar, and I will add this into my repertoire when I remember to do so. I didn't see the point of the hammer curl with leg on chair. You are supposed to press you foot down while you do the curl, so I guess that adds an isolation component.

Here's the breakdown:


Warm Up: heel walks, feet slaps, burpee salutations, world’s greatest stretch, inch worm, scorpion, groiners, foam rolling, roller sphinx, plange push-ups, band pull-apart (chest pull), atlas.

Complexes: 2 complexes, 4 Rounds Each

Complex 1
[Starts at when 38:03 is left on clock]

Renegade rows/push ups (10, plank, then alternating R and L row)
Plyo Push-ups (6 times in 6 seconds)
Plank with feet on med ball (60 seconds)
Superman using a 5lb. body bar or broomstick (45 seconds)

Do 4 Rounds


Complex 2

Towel Pull up (need two small towels to use as pull up assists; 10 reps)
Med Ball Pike (V-Up)
Step Up Hammer Curl Press (one leg on step or chair)
Roller Angel

Do 4 Rounds

[Ends when 7:15 left on clock]

Cool Down Stretch
Stretch uses stability ball

Instructor Comments:
Tony is a little goofy in this one. He and one of the background exercisers have a weird interaction--the backgrounder keeps joking that Tony use light bands, a chair to assist in pull-ups, etc, and Tony doesn't seem to appreciate the humor (and neither did I, I thought it was off).