30 Minutes to Fitness: Stepboxing

Kelly Coffey-Meyer
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts , Step Aerobics

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Full disclosure: I received a free review copy of this workout.

I am an intermediate exerciser who is in her upper 40s and who has two kinds of arthritis - osteoarthritis of the knees and psoriatic arthritis that mainly affects the hands and wrists. Because of the bad knees, I don't do step anymore.

I really, really wanted this workout anyway. One of my favorite cardio workouts is KCM's Cardio Blast. I got it back when did step and really enjoyed it. When my knees went bad, I still used it, but just followed Lauren (and still got a good workout!). Because of that, I assumed that this DVD would be doable and fun for me when it was announced that Lauren would do a modified version on the floor.

And, I'm happy to say, that I was right. I've done both workouts and have begun to do the premixes and have enjoyed it all so far. It's definitely a keeper for me. To me, Kelly leads fun workouts with pretty good cueing. I just have a good time when I am doing these workouts.

In general, the choreography isn't too complex, although it did take me 2-3 times going through a few of the combinations to get the choreography down. By the time she was TIFTing, I generally had it. And, I found the choreography a lot of fun - different and engaging. Lauren once again demonstrates why she is "the best modifier in the business" and it is easy to follow her. She shows good modifications that lead to a solid intermediate workout if you put yourself into it. I couldn't tell you what the music was, but there were points at which I noticed it was motivating and matched the moves well.

The place where Kelly surpasses most of the industry is in her premixes. This one has some good ones with a range of timeframes and emphases. The premixes include:

o Workout 1 with Extra Boxing Drill (40:38)
o Workout 2 with Extra Boxing Drill (40:10)
o Workout 1 with Db Intervals (49:53)
o Workout 2 with Db Intervals (39:11)
o Kickboxing Drills Only (26:30)
o Db Drills Only (23:18)
o Kb and Db Intervals (41:57)
o Kelly's Favorite Compilation (50:34)

Instructor Comments:
I think Kelly keeps getting better and better. She is good and relaxed and fun in this workout.

Laura S.


I just did workout 1 from KCM's Stepboxing. I have to say I enjoyed this in spite of the 'step' part. I prefer boxing over kboxing because I don't do well when my legs and arms are both moving opposite, so I wasn't sure I would like the addition of step. The set is the same as her previous workout, music is instrumental {which I prefer} and has a nice solid beat {which even I can manage to follow}, the stretch music is soothing with a beach waves background. Kelly teaches two combos add-on style, previewing some of the punches in the warmup. I didn't find the step part that confusing but concentrated more on the punches, marching in place during the 'steppier' parts which weren't that many, until I could join in again {I can catch on later}. The pace was slow enough so I could put a lot of power into my punches, which to me is the whole point of boxing workouts, but not so slow that it was boring; holding light weights would definatly be an option also.

I just finished Kelly's second workout. This one was more complicated with 3 combos but also more intense I had to walk around for a few minutes to cool down before heading to the stretch, and then sidestepped while doing the UB stretches {my HR was 145}. Kelly teaches the step portion first then goes back to add in punches, which I feel could have had a larger role in the overall workout. I have a habit of doing Kelly's premixes more than the actual 1 or 2 workouts, so I'll start on those next week. I read Tiny's rave about the Dumbbell and Boxing Drills premix which sounds wonderful!

Instructor Comments:
Kelly is as encouraging and fun as always.