P90X2: P.A.P. Lower

Tony Horton
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Lower Body Strength

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P90X2 P.A.P. Lower

Equipment: Foam Roller, Plyo Box or tall step, Weights, Med Balls (used as markers)

PAP (Post Activation Potentiation) = resistance, contraction, explosion, isolation

61:20 minutes
2 complexes with 4 rounds each, 4 moves each round; the pattern is: combination/resistance and balance move; explosive move, plyo move; stabilization/isolation move

Warm Up (approx. 14 minutes)
Heel walks, foot slaps, world’s greatest stretch, inch worm, fire hydrant, scorpion, groiners, skipping, leg swing (using foam roller for balance), medium speed slalom, medium speed front/back hop, lateral plyo skaters, foam rolling.

Complexes – starts at 47:10 mark

I. Complex 1: – 4 moves, 4 rounds
+Step Up Convict (weighted leg press on high step with back lunge; 8 per side)
+Skater Plyo (7 seconds)
+One Leg Line Hop (alternate side—ways and front to back, switch legs at half-way point; 44 seconds)
+Tony’s Triangle (triangle leg lift with foot angled down; stabilization/isometric hold at top; 5 each leg)
Repeat 4 X

II. Complex 2: 4 moves, 4 rounds
+Squat Cross Reach (weighted; squat on one leg, stretch out opposite arm with weight in hand, 8 each side)
+Split Squat Jump (6 alternating each side)
+Monster Slalom Jumps (30 seconds)
+Side Bridge Leg Lift (side plank with raised leg; alternate sides)

III. Cool Down and active stretch (about 11:30)

Acescholar, December 2011