Get Extremely Ripped 1000 Hardcore

Jari Love
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Step Aerobics

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the other 2 reviewers did a great job of providing the breakdowns - i'll just provide my impressions.

I did the entire workout. I used 5, 10, and 2# weights. the 2# was for the anterior delt raises in the 2nd half of the workout. you can get by with 5# weights throughout the entire workout. I used 10# for some of the deadlifts in the 1st half of the workout.

I modified the burpees by using a chair (hands on the chair seat while jumping back). I used the Firm Fanny Lifter (FL) for some of the step work, but there's always 1 or 2 people doing the moves w/o any step.

Laurie leads the side plank series for the obliques in the 2nd half of the workout. some people complained about Laurie's voice, but I think she's fine.

I like this workout because some of the moves are fun (not a party-in-the-box fun, but just uncommon). there's always a modifier, and at times, I felt a little tired and followed the modifier. this is an endurance workout, but it's not too bad. I didn't find any dread factor with the segments.

in the 2nd segment, she does some "swinging" moves when you hold one of the dumbbells. I wondered if she was trying to get some kettlebell effect with this move? at any rate, she should have explained what muscles you were working and also proper form for this particular segment. the reason being is that I think it's easy for you to injure yourself in this segment.

i'll be doing this workout again, probably use one of the premixes.

Instructor Comments:
jari is her usual professional self. as mentioned above, laurie leads the oblique section. both were competent leaders.



Jari leads this strength & cardio workout in a dark set with 4 background exercisers who provide plenty of modifications. Along with the two "30 minute" C+S workouts, The dvd offers a lot of premix options including all cardio & all strength. The play all option is 74 minutes. If you liked Jaris last workout you will love this one- very similar in format & exercises. You will need a step & dumbbells for this workout.

Workout #1: (42 minutes) The workout is structured into blocks of high reps of simple exercises. Jari does provide tempo changes & exercise variations for some varitey. After a w/u exercises include: deadlift rows, straddle run, curtsy off step & kickback, squat jumps & jacks, reverse crunches, V drops, clam crunches & ends w/ a c/d & stretch.

Workout #2: (42 minutes) The workout is structured into blocks of high reps of simple exercises. After a w/u exercises include: side squat -dip off bench w/ bi curls, step up- jack-step down - jack, lat raise combo, squat off bench w/ military press, bench cardio lunge variations, step up & down to burpee, walk over pushups, tri pushups, side plank threads, 1 leg bridge holds, and ends w/ a c/d & stretch.

I rate these workouts advanced- there are some pretty challenging exercises and a nice quick pace. Not a ton of excitement with the long blocks of the same exercises but very nice combo moves that will get you thoroughly worked out. Jari is a great lead, encouraging and knowledgeable & provides great cuing & form pointers. I received this dvd to review.



Jari Love, Get Extremely Ripped 1000 Hardcore

This is a circuit type workout, with 5 minutes of cardio alternated with 3 minutes of strength. The step is used in most of the cardio and strength segments, but modifications for floor are always offered. There are two 35ish minute workouts, but the menu gives the option of doing them both together. This can either be an intermediate or an advanced workout, depending on which modifier you follow.

The workout is basic in choreography, but there are a couple of places where the step has to be turned pretty quickly (position of step noted below).


The workout chapters include:
Complete workout (73:51)
Workout 1 (30:00+)
Workout 2 (30:00+)
Cardio Workout (48:06)
Weights Workout (42:51)

COMPLETE WORKOUT (with Workout Breakdowns for both):


Stiff Leg Deadlift and Back rows (3 sets; option single leg balance deadlifts)
Step Cardio: Straddle Run (6 sets; 3 intensity levels; on step)
Straight Leg Deadlift and Back rows (33 sets; alternate leg)
Cardio: Straddle Run (6 sets; 3 levels)

Tricep Kickback and Curtsy Lunges (Right leg; 3 sets—slow, then fast; on step)
Cardio: Split Lunge, Squat Jumps and Jumping Jacks (4 sets; 2 levels; on floor)
Tricep Kickback and Curtsy Lunges starting with (left leg; 3 sets; on step)

Abs (3 sets; straight leg V-up, reverse curl, lower ab pulses )

Side Squat and Lunge with bicep concentration type curls (3 sets; on step)
Cardio: Up Jack Down Jack (5 sets; 2 levels; on step)

Shoulder/Leg combo: Side delt raise, posterior delt raise, anterior raise with leg extension (left arm; 4 sets)
Cardio: pulse squats and tap downs (6 sets; 3 levels; on step)
Leg shoulder combo (right arm; 4 sets; on step)
Cardio: Burpees (4 sets; 2 levels; on step)

Moving Cross-over Pushups (lead by Laurie) (2 sets; using step)
Pushups with arm raise (using step)
Tricep Push-ups on bench
Side Plank with rotation (on right arm)
Bridge with leg extension
Side Plank (on left arm)

Cool Down

Instructor Comments:
Jari looks very fit and even a little stronger in this workout. As usual, she is very encouraging, but she's not overboard on the pep talk like she sometimes can be.