P90X2: Plyocide

Tony Horton
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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Equipment: Stability ball, foam roller, tall box, med ball, band or towel

At the start of the workout, Tony says “Plyocide, death by jumping, no I’m just kidding, it’s life, it should be called Plyo life.” Tony is right that the workout is mis-named. It’s not really a killer Plyo workout; in fact, it’s more of a Power and Balance workout. The total time is 54 minutes. It’s about 11 minutes of Warm up; 31 minutes of workout (incl. breaks); 12 minutes of stretch.

As with all of the P90X2 workouts, form is CRUCIAL. In many of the moves, Tony suggests you set your own number goal. He asks each backgrounder how many they are going to do. On others moves, Tony counts out reps.

Tony starts talking at 55 minutes; workout starts at 54 minutes. The center portion of the workout is 5 rounds. There are 4 exercises, the first one is non-plyo, and the other three are plyometric. There are short pauses between each move, and then a longer water break (45 secs or more) after each round.

WARM UP (11 minutes)
Includes such moves as a stability ball twist, squat w sb, side st, alt back lunges, atlas, groiners, foam roller free-for-all, roller sphinx and more.

ROUND 1 [starts at 43:11 min]
Wide leg tiptoes squat [non plyo move]
Killer Katherine Lunge w/med ball [alt every leg; side to side, and over the head]
Fast feet chair jump [fast feet in chair pose, then jump, Tony calls it]
Slalom line jumps [slalom up and down with tape as guide line]
WATER BREAK (about 45 seconds)

Warrior 3 Lunges [balance lunge; 12 each side—hold on last one of each side]
Jack in the Box Knee Tuck [squat low, jump up and tuck]
Think Drill [various versions of fast feet with arms up or down and feet narrow or wide – Tony calls it]
Spartan Squat Lunge [punch down, split lunge; 16 each side]

Super skater kick [crouch down, then kick, without touching down; balance move; 15 each side]
*penalty push ups for foot taps*
Depth charges [step up on plyo box, release down, land and explode up—as many as you can in 1 minute]
Frog Burpee Hops [burpee to tuck jump]
1-Leg Slalom [1 leg 30 seconds, then other leg]

1-Leg Squat [15 each side]
*penalty push-ups for toe taps*
Surfer Spin [most advanced, spin 360; modified, spin 90 or 180;R-R-L-L pattern]
Power 90 Cross Hop [fast diagonal hops switching directions as Tony calls it]
Wide Leg Jump Press with Med Ball [squat, then air jump pushing med ball up]

Launcher Lunge w Med Ball [side lunge and leg lift]
Toe Tap 360 [fast feet tapping toes on med ball, going around ball; Tony calls direction and continuously reminds to “make contact!”]
Flying Fighter Kick [jump kick and back kick—pattern is right knee, left kick, back right and visa versa]
Set/ Sprint /Plank/ Plyo Jack/ Jump [Tony calls it, you do it!”]
[this portion ends at 12:22]

Neuro-integrated Stretching (floor stretches, pull one way using band, drive in other direction)