P90X2: Total Body

Tony Horton
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Bosu and Balance Disks/Boards, Total Body Workouts

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P90X2 Total Body is about 62 minutes long. The warm up is about 13 minutes and the cool down is about 8 minutes. The focus is on balance as well as strength. Form is really important in this workout, and Tony stresses often that you should go at your own pace and perform the moves correctly.

There are a number of interesting moves, including the really fun "Boing push ups" on the stability ball. These are push-ups on the ball followed by a full lift of the ball over the head -- you really do need a "boing" rhythm to do this!

The workout consists of 13 moves, repeated twice. You will need to keep track of which leg you use first in moves 4-6 because Tony alternates from one round to the other.

Here is the breakdown:

01 1-Arm Chest Press (on stability ball)
02 4-Position Pull-Up
03 Push-Up Side Arm Balance (on two med balls)
04 Switch Lunge Press (lunges forward and backward with arnold presses)
05 Warrior 3 Kickback
06 Warrior 3 Curl
W a t e r B r e a k
08 Boing Push-Up (on stability ball)
09 Crunchy Lever Pull-Up
10 Mule Kick Burpee
11 Swimmer’s Curl Press in ˝ Chair Pose
12 Balance Kickback on Stability Ball
13 Rocket Launcher Preacher Curl
W a t e r B r e a k
REPEAT 13 moves

The P90X2 workouts are hard to rate in terms of intensity. Balance-wise, they are extremely challenging, and in some cases the balance challenge will get the heart rate up. They are "extreme" in the sense that they require a lot of concentration and core strength.

Instructor Comments:
Tony is energetic and funny, but he only gets really goofy at the end when he makes up a little song that he himself laughs at -- he says he knows it's going to be put on youtube to laugh at!