Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition Workout

Chris Powell
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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I believe this workout is intended for those just getting back into exercising or who have never exercised. It would probably be awesome for new moms! I find it great for getting me to move when I don't feel like doing something super-challenging. And --surprisingly-- my 2 preschool-aged children really enjoy it (more than they enjoy most kiddie workouts).

There are 3 different workouts, Level 1-3. Each level starts with a warm-up then does circuits containing of 3 or so moves. Each circuit is done twice.

Level 1 - 15 minutes
Some moves from Level 1: jump rope (bouncing on balls of feet), gentle side lunges/stretches, child's pose to cobra, pushups (hips remain on floor), side-to-side knee drops, bridge crunch with arm reach, squats, "down and ups" (going from standing to hands & knees and back up), stretch

Level 2 - 25 minutes
Some moves from Level 2: chest stretch/arm swings, side-to-side knee drops, child's pose to cobra, runner's lunge, jump rope, punching combo, skater movement, kick butts, uppercuts, modified burpee (step back & up), elbow plank with hip drop, crunch variation, superman, pushups (shows multiple variations), squats, rear lunges, stretch

Level 3 - 30 minutes
Some moves: chest stretch/arm swings, side-to-side knee drops, child's pose to cobra, runner's lunge, jab/cross/knee combo, skater move, jumprope, high knees, squats, couple of ab moves, pushups

The workouts are not chaptered and you have to sit through a fairly lengthy intro for each workout.
Music only option available!

Instructor Comments:
This workout is based on the ABC show (of same title). The instructor, Chris Powell, is the trainer on the show and some of the background exercisers are featured in episodes where they are losing weight.

Chris Powell is adorable! So very encouraging and he says nothing about appearance or getting a perky butt...nothing questionable at all. He makes comments about feeling the joy of movement & workings of the human body -- all very encouraging and healthy and motivating!