Carolyn Silvernail
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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I found this workout on Amazon. I think it was one of those, "You looked at this, so you might like that" kind of links. I read the description and reviews of it and was immediately struck by the fact I could use my Fitstix with this workout. Since it was only $10, I ordered it.

This workout really is different and she has come up with her own idea. It's basically a hi/lo workout with several combinations that incorporate combat style moves (like strikes and blocks) into the choreography.

This workout is set on a plain set. It looks like some sort of stage or floor with large curtains, or pieces of cloth, at the back. The workout is led by Carolyn Silvernail and her sister is the other exerciser. The music is driving instrumental and you can actually hear it and it adds to the workout in places. She describes the moves and cues pretty well. However, she doesn't teach the moves. So, there is little break down and you learn the moves through repetition. She tends to do the foot pattern first and then add in arm movements after that. In general, the moves are low-impact and when she adds high impact, I just stay low. The few inherently high-impact moves there are, I just modify down (mostly jumping jacks).

Overall, I'd rate this workout a solid, and maybe high, intermediate. She does have breaks between sections where you side step or walk and that brings the intensity down some. For me, an intermediate exerciser, this is a good thing.

The DVD gives options for the main workout and two shorter premixes. I am working my way through the main workout and haven't had a chance to look at the premixes yet. However, they look like just the TIFTs of different combinations. It cracked me up because she defined TIFT on the back of the case. She has to be a vidiot long term!

I did the first part of this workout earlier this week and then a longer portion today. Learning the workout moves can be somewhat frustrating since she doesn't teach them, yet I had fun the first time on what I learned. Today, I had a blast in the section I had done before, probably because I was more familiar with it. The part I didn't do was somewhat frustrating, but I kept doing it because I was having fun anyway.

Mainly, I just wanted to let people know about this workout and this instructor. She has several other workouts on Amazon including a step workout and a treadmill and elliptical workouts. Apparently, the sticks and step workouts are video workouts and the treadmill and elliptical are audio workouts.

Instructor Comments:
She is a pretty good instructor. She cues pretty well. She's calm and encouraging. I just wish she taught the workout a little more rather than just cueing.

Laura S.