Willpower & Grace Mile High

Stacey Lei Krauss
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Total Body Workouts

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This w/o has a live class feel. Stacey works out w/ a group of exercisers in a studio at a mile high elevation (hence the title). You wont need any equipment for this workout & everyone works out barefoot. You can play all or select your w/o segment from the main menu and the dvd includes a 7 min warmup segment. The music is a nice drum beat.

Footwork: This is a 5 minute segment that warms up & strengthens your feet & prepares you for the barefoot workout to follow. Exercises include: toe raise & stretches, ankle rolls, toe gripping, and heel raises.

Cardio: This is a very unique 24 min flowing cardio workout that includes tons of good balance work. Exercises include: balance stance, cardio squat & knee raise, forward step to tree pose, double squats, floor touch squats to burpees, squat twists, pliet heel raises, cougar lunges adding an elbow strike, power knees, & balance stick. This workout has a very functional feel to it.

Flexibility & Strength: This 13 min w/o combines strengthening, flexibility, and some active stretches into an upbeat routine. Exercises include: static runners lunge, hi plank to side plank, plank w/ toe raises, reaches, folds, rag doll. Love how she combines active stretches into the strengthening moves, very functional.

I rate this an intermediate workout that is really suitable for all levels. Stacey does a fantastic job of including different levels for most all exercises. This is a REALLY unique workout- I havent done anything like it. I really enjoyed it and really like Stacey- she has a great energy, excellent cuing, and fantastic form pointers. She is someone I would love to take a live class with. I really recommend this workout- I think it can find a place in everyones workout library. I received this dvd to review.