Totally Cool Step 2

Christi Taylor
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Step Aerobics

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Christi leads this 40 min step video in a nice open space w/ cute Asian art on the wall behind. Christi works out w/ 5 backgrounders, some of which provide modifications. This dvd also contains a "move master" segment where Christi shows the combo's while counting, and a 13 min yoga & 13 min pilates workout. You will only need a step bench for this workout.

Step: The music in this workout is great- fun & high energy. Christi leads you through six fun choreographed step routines. This is the perfect addition to her original Totally Cool Step and is perfect for all you steppers out there that love fun and unique choreography. Exercises include: ham curls, straddle, L's, reapeaters, slap step, twists, pony, revolve, corner stomp, marching on the step, and Christi adds fun claps and arm movements. She does a fantastic job of utilizing the space all around the step for these fun step routines.

Yoga: Led by another instructor this is a nice flowing yoga segment. Exercises include: half moon, vinyassa flow adding some unique twists, airplane, triangle, chair, and warrior variations.

Pilates: Led by another instructor this is a tough core focused pilates routine. Each exerciser works at a different intensity so you can choose your level. Exercises include: roll over, hundre, lying windmill, pilates bike, leg circles, teaser, double leg stretch, pilates V, plank pushups, pike superman, & side planks.

You can really tell Christi is having fun in this workout- which makes it more fun for everyone. I rate the choreography in this one advanced and the intensity high intermediate- though you can easily adjust your intensity (by adding hops or keeping it low impact) to suit your needs. This is great for those that love choreographed routines. Christi is a great lead- great cuing and has a fantastic energy! I would love to take a live class with her one of these days! I received this dvd to review.