Max 30

Toby Massenburg
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Total Body Workouts

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This dvd has two 30 minute workouts, and one 10 min core workout. You will need dumbbells for the strength and a step for the cardio. Toby leads in an open studio set w/ 2 backgrounders. Each exercise is broken down into a 30 second base move, a 30 second max phase, and then a 30 second combo move. The cardio w/o contains 30 second rest periods.

Strength: This really got my heart rate up and Im sure I burned tons of calories. My lower body really felt it the next day! Exercises include: squat floor touch - bi curl- add hop, dips to plyo lunges, deadlift - upright row, curtsy - plyo curtsy, burpee add pushups, side lunge add hop, iron cross add isolation squat, diagonal lunge add shuffle, overhead press & tri press, squat combo add hop.

Cardio: The rest breaks are placed just when you need them. Exercises include: plyo lunge to the step, jump up step down to jump on & off the step, jump rope, tuck jump, step & hop knee ups, straddles, 180 straddle jumps around step (WOW), burpee add pushup, hi knee jog to wide hi knee jog, jacks to power jacks, step over to hopping over the step, hopping on & over the step, tap the step to soccer drill, plank jacks add air jacks.

Core: This non-stop 10 min core segment includes: crunches, v sit holds, oblique knee & leg pulls, plank to pike, and standing balance knee pulls.

This is definitely an advanced workout - good for intermediates & up as there are not a ton of form reminders or modifications. Love the structure, love Toby, love that the strength work really got my heart pumping, and that so much is accomplished in only 30 minutes. Great tough ab routine too! Really enjoyed this workout and look forward to more from Toby.