The Yin Yang Fusion Workout

Guillermo Gomez, Jessica Smith
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts , Total Body Workouts, Tai Chi / Qigong

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This dvd offers five 15 minute workouts that you can select from the main menu or play all. The dvd is a fusion of martial arts, chi gong, yoga, sculpting & pilates. They workout together in one segment but individually in the other 4. The set is a cute open space with framed Japanese calligraphy in the background. You won't need any equipment and each segment includes a short w/u & c/d.

Cardio: Expansion & Contraction: Guillermo leads this active kickboxing cardio workout. Exercises include ham curls, various punches & punch combos, knee strikes, & elbow strike. Guillermo does a great job of creating a fun combo that is easy to catch onto and not overly choreographed.

Total Body: Strength & Flexibility: Jessica leads this active body weight resistance workout. Exercises include: horse stance & punches, round house kick, balance kicks, 1 leg squat, runners lunge to balance raise, pike pushups, full form squats, bridge w/ side reach, side plank & side kicks, donkey kicks. Jessica really keeps this workout moving along & includes a lot of unique exercises.

Lower Body: Rhythm & Balance: Guillermo leads this segment, includes some nice lower body resistance moves and keeps you moving. Exercises include: squats, walking side kicks, side knee pulls, repeater knees, bob & weave, knee pull & spin around. This is a fun little routine that includes some lower body work.

Core: Power & Flow: Jessica leads this standing & floor core routine. Exercises include: side leg raise, unique standing knee pull, large figure 8's, runners knee pull, v sit w/ crescent kick, bridge crunches, sit up & punch, side plank w/ arm & leg circles, plank pikes, and superman elbow pulls. Includes some great balance work & lots of unique moves.

Relax: Movement & Stillness: Guillermo leads this chi gong inspired routine & Jessica works out with him. Exercises include: chi breathing techniques, active stretching, purification breathing exercises, chataranga, up dog, low runners lunge to a balance warrior, and concludes with a seiza seated relaxation position. This is a very unique segment- great for relaxation.

I rate these workouts intermediate but are appropriate for most all fitness levels. Both instructors do a fantastic job w/ form pointers & their cuing is spot on. Tons of variety & time options and so many unique and fun exercises! I really enjoyed all the segments & see myself using this dvd a lot. I received this dvd to review.