Exhale Core Fusion Power Sculpt

Elisabeth Halfpapp, Fred DeVito
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Ballet/Barre, Total Body Workouts

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Full disclosure: I received a free review copy of this workout.

Disclaimer: I am not a barre/fusion enthusiast. I enjoy a barre/fusion type workout once in awhile as a break from my normal workout routine, a combination of cardio, circuit, and light weight strength workouts. I had read about Core Fusion workouts for quite awhile and had been tempted to try them. So, when Collage offered a review copy of this workout, I jumped at it.

The bottom line is that I thought this workout is well done, is cued well, and flows easily within each section. There are six segments, each around 10 minutes long. You can play the entire workout or choose the segment you want to do. Once you have chosen a segment, it keeps going through the segments sequentially.

Fred and Elisabeth alternate leading the different section. They are in the front row and there are three background exercisers across the back row. The exerciser on the far right in the back is the modifier. She does a good job of demonstrating modifications. Unfortunately, she was not always on the screen when I needed to see her because she was in the back corner. It would have been better if she were in the middle of the back row. I was impressed by how Fred and Elisabeth lead the segments. They cue precisely and with or a little ahead of the move. They use descriptive language so that I could picture what they wanted me to do from their words.

In general, the segments have standing moves and then the exercisers shift to the floor. They flow well between the standing and going to the floor and back. They recommend light weights for the standing portions and you generally put them down as you go to the floor and then pick them back up as you come back up. There are a lot of moves requring body weight to be supported on the hands - down dogs, push ups, high and low planks, etc.

The workout has the following sections:

> Power Fusion
> Strength Flow
> Power Flow
> Strength and Balance
> Abs & Glutes
> Bonus: Stretching W/ Weights

Instructor Comments:
I really liked them - individually and together as a team. They cue well. They describe the moves well. They seem competent and professional and likeable.

Laura S.