RapidFire: Results: A Total Body Kickboxing Workout

Susan Chung
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts , Total Body Workouts

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Susan leads this 77 minute workout in a kickboxing gym with 4 background exercisers. This dvd is chaptered exceptionally well and includes plenty of great premixes. This workout requires dumbbells and an optional medicine ball & weighted gloves are also used. One exerciser shows beginner & equipment modifications and one shows advanced modifications.

Rounds 1-4 are kickboxing & cardio drills- (optional weighted gloves), round 5 is a lighter weight metabolic weight section (dumbbells), and round 6 is a standing & floor core section (med ball).

There are lots of different punches & kicks put together into moderately choreographed routines. Susan adds in intensity bursts throughout to get the heart rate up. Cardio: punches & kicks, flying kicks, knee strikes, skater & punch, jump & kick, 180 jumps, burpee Mt climbers, jacks. Strength work: squat & lat raise & kicks, pliet upright row add a hop, lunge and bi curl, squat & hammer curl, curtsy & tri work, squat overhead press, etc. Core work: weighted elbow to knee pull down, weighted twist, med ball chops, V sit & crunch ball toss, oblique ball press, sit up w/ ball chop, etc. And the workout includes a warmup & cooldown.

I would rate this a solid to high intermediate workout. that is very easy to amp up or down to suit the needs of most all exercisers. Susan is obviously a pro-kickboxer and has a fantastic on-screen presence. I really like her personality. She does a great job of incorporating higher intensity moves into fun kickboxing combos to keep the heart rate up. I received this dvd to review.