Exhale Core Fusion: Pure Strength

Elisabeth Halfpapp, Fred DeVito
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength , Total Body Workouts

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This is a flowing pilates/ yoga vinyassa routine that adds in light dumbbell strength moves to intensify your workout. The dvd contains five 10 minute workouts and a bonus stretch segment. Fred & Elisabeth each lead some of the workout segments. They workout with 3 background exercisers, 1 providing modifications in a nice open studio.You will only need light dumbbells for these workouts. You can play all or select a workout from the main menu.

Power Fusion: Elisabeth adds strength work into this flowing vinyassa routine. Exercises include cat/cow, down dog, yoga stretches, side plank adding hip drops and dumbbell raises.

Strength Flow: Fred adds strength work into this flowing vinyassa routine. Exercises include: pushups, plank, up & down dog, weighted arm circles, weighted ab twists, warrior & overhead tricep press, & weighted twisted chair.

Power Flow: Elisabeth leads this steady pace vinyasa routine that adds upper body strength exercises while holding various warrior poses. Other exercises include: pushups, up & down dog, & triangle.

Strength & Balance: Elisabeth leads this strength focused workout and adds in some great balance challenges to the work. Exercises include: pliet & overhead press, side lunge -upright row & lat pull- front raise, tree pose & bicep curls, balance stick & row, and a seated hip & low back stretch.

Abs & Glutes: Fred leads this section and includes a lot of tough ab work. You are contracting your abs for almost the duration! Exercises include: c curve adding a twist, leg drops, yoga bike, and a unique donkey kick series with a dumbbell behind your knee.

Bonus Stretch: Fred & Elisabeth work out together in this segment (no b/g'ers). They add light dumbbells to enhance the yoga & athletic style stretches.

Both Fred & Elisabeth provide excellent cuing & form pointers in these segments. These are great workouts for those that like pilates & yoga but want to up the intensity a bit with hand weights. As with all Exhale workouts- they include a lot of effective and unique exercises that work the muscles without over taxing them. I rate these intermediate routines- and the Abs & Glutes section a high intermediate or low advanced. I received this dvd to review.