The Butt Bible: Level 1

Pauline Nordin
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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The Butt Bible Level 1 workouts are led by Pauline Nordin, and consists of two 20 min. workouts, one is lower body focused, the other for the upper body. I had originally tried these two workouts for free at Exercise TV On Demand (and later purchased the set), and found them to be good short workouts that worked well as a recovery/light day workout or as an add-on to others. Both have repeating exercises (1-2 times) or Super Sets (pair of exercises completed after each other) so the workouts did feel a bit repetitious (but this would be good for beginners, not a high learning curve for sequence of exercises). I liked that glute brides, side lying floor-work & back extensions were incorporated into the workouts, as they are solid exercise & most often not generally sequenced into mainstream fitness videos. The workouts both have a variety of exercises, and no cues for modifications are given (although the cast does have less range of motion at times).

One of the negatives of these workouts is Pauline’s non-stop, obnoxious chatter, it never stops (she babbles the entire time). While she does provide some good form pointers & cues (but don’t need much cueing since the exercise repeat often), much of it is babbling about the butt (refers to it in 3rd person, negative comments on shape, or people’s assumed behavior w/ larger, unshapely butts), and how great her workouts are over others. I assume that some of it is to be taken as “tongue in cheek” comments, meant to be funny, but it just makes Pauline come across as self-absorbed & trying too hard to sell her program (even the cast would make faces or laugh at her comments). And she also counts 1-2-3 to cue the start & end of exercise, it would have been nice if the video had a countdown timer for each exercise (annoying to hear that so often), and the name of exercise could have displayed, too (she does have a pronounced accent, some may have difficulty understanding her, but I thought she sounded fine/clear). I did use the workouts w/ the volume on mute & that worked out much better. I’ve used many fitness videos, and don’t mind a change of personality or free flowing/unscripted chatter, but I think Pauline just babbled too much in a non-sensical manner. Pauline is likely a more engaging instructor in real life, and she’s fit & cute (& has some solid exercises in the workouts), but her chatter was something better tuned out.

Cast: two females

Music: canned instrumental & vocal

Set: grey flooring, silver & wood walls, pinkish lighting on windows, some equipment at rear of space.

Equipment: Lower Body uses a small towel for 1 stretch, Upper Body uses light dumbbells

Level 1 Lower body (21:27 min.)
Butt Squeeze: pelvic tuck w/ hip isolation (forward & back)
(Side) Leg Raise
Wide Stance Squats
Glute Bridge: repeat once

Side (lying raise): bent leg, then straight leg variation> leg starts extended in front, then lifts to vertical position> repeat once.
Wide Stance Squats: repeat once.
Static Rear Lunge
Sumo Deadlift
Stiff Leg (narrow stance) Deadlift
Sumo Deadlift
Glute Bridge: repeats twice.

(Single leg) Hamstring Stretch: supine w/ one leg extended vertically (towel wrapped around foot).
Seated Spinal twist
Side Lying Quad Stretch
Pigeon Stretch (prone glute stretch): one leg extended to rear, other bent & externally rotated.

Level 1 Upper Body (21:07 min.)
Shoulder Circles: rear
Knees to Elbows: knee lift w/ opposite elbow tap & torso rotation
Jumping Jacks
Repeat sequence once
Butterfly: back extension> arms alternate sweeping/extending to front & to sides of body> repeat twice.

Double Arm Bent Over Row
Shoulder Press
Repeat Super Set once
Double Arm Bent Over Row

Triceps Kickback
Biceps Curl
Repeat Super Set once

(Bent Over) Shoulder Raise: straight arms.
Push Ups: on knees
Repeat Super Set once

Reverse Crunches
Repeat Super Set once

Static Hold Side Plank: bottom arm/bent elbow, straight legs> repeat once.
Superman (back extension): lift & lower upper body (lower body stays on floor), w/ arms held to sides of body> repeat once.

Chest stretch: clasp hands & extend arms to rear.
Triceps stretch: single arm, overhead.
(Lateral) Neck stretch: ear lowers to shoulder.
Bent Over Back stretch: hinge at hips, cross arms, place hands on opposite thighs (rear).