Low Impact Series: Cycle Max

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Indoor Cycling

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this one gets better the more i use it. about me: very beginner to spinning. just got a spin bike this past may. i have the two jay blahnik videos-hill repeat and interval training. also the schwinn cycle workout-the new one. i got cycle max but it was too much for me so i put it aside for quite a while and used the jay blahnik videos.
i still do not stand as much as cathe but am getting better! the jumps are fun after you have some experience with other (somewhat easier) videos. jay is my first choice but i do like this one-the music is fine for me, the music in hill repeat and interval training is hardly there so the cathe one is a nice change for me! also i have some mindy videos-short and sweet and cycle challenge and do not care for those at all. just don't "click" with her.
i think cathe will get much better as a spin instructor with the more videos that she puts out.

susan d


This one has been unused on the shelf for awhile. I haven't been on my spin bike in a couple of years. But a slight calf injury motivated me to give this one a try. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. In the beginning, she talked a bit too much and I worried that I was going to get bored. But I stuck with it and found I got a great sweaty workout. For me, a winning cardio workout is one that gets my heartrate up and keeps it up. Of course, I was in control of how hard I was working with the amount of tension I added. This one felt like a spin class feels (except without the great music). The music was the typical muzac type. But this has never kept me from liking a workout. I guess music isn't that important to my workout. It put me in a great mood to get an awesome low impact workout. I will use this one again.

Instructor Comments:
It's what you expect from Cathe. Good instruction, good cues, a bit of chit/chat but motivating. I thought she was giving too much instruction in the beginning and I worried it was going to continue throughout, but it didn't.



This is a challenging cycle workout with a new crowd of background exercisers. Cathe leads the all-female class in a 45 minute challenge. The music is bland at best, which made for a bunch of clock-watching. Also, she does almost the entire class standing on the bike, which made me feel like it was an elliptical workout almost. Now, I LOVE standing climbs, but this was too much even for me. For this reason, and the crappy music, this one is going on sale on Amazon.

Instructor Comments:
Cathe is a good cycle instructor.

Peggy T