Low Impact Series: Cardio Supersets

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Gliding Disks

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Cathe leads this fully chaptered 41 min cardio & toning w/o in a nice brick set with 4 background exercisers. This workout features premixes and a bonus 21 minute setp routine. You will need dumbbells and gliding discs for the main workout. Each superset has two different exercises, an all-cardio series alternated with an aero-tone set.

After a warmup, exercises include: weighted squats, kicks, low impact jump rope, floor touch kicks, shuffle squats, push up arm raises, side lunge leg lefts, traveling plank & pushups, low impact skater, disc ski, cardio pulse squats, disc climbers, weighted shuffle w/ big arms, disc jack & lunge combo, weighted disc pivot squats, disc plank toe taps & knee pulls, & concludes w/ a stretch.

I rate this a high intermediate routine that is easy on the joints! You can use lighter weights and make this an all cardio workout or heavy up for an aero/tone workout. As always, Cathe is a fantastic lead with unique & effective exercises and fantastic form pointers. Cant wait to try more from her! I received this dvd to review.



Cardio Supersets
The main workout is 8 rounds of 2 exercises, each round done twice. Cathe uses an 8 lb. weight for a few of the moves; I added 1 lb. weights to the cardio segments where appropriate to increase the intensity.

Main Full Workout = 41 mins
Dumbbells Ė 8 lbs (+5 lbs for step segment)
Gliding discs
Step - 8 inches (for step mixes only)
Bonus Step Routine = 21 mins

Step Express = 32 mins
Cardio Supersets + Step = 63 mins
Cardio Supersets Express (Rounds 1-4)= 26 mins
Cardio Supersets Express (Rounds 5-8) =26 mins
Cardio Supersets Express + Step = 47 mins
Cardio Supersets Extreme = 64 mins

I actually didnít do the original workout, I did Cardio Supersets Extreme. CSE is a 64 minute pre-mix from Cardio Supersets that includes warm-up + Rounds 1 thru 7 (both sets) + Rounds 2 thru 8 (both sets) + stretch. So, there is a total of 14 Rounds.

Here is the break down of the rounds:

Each round is repeated once.

Round 1:
+Dumbell Squat with front kick
+Rotating shoulder presses

Round 2:
+Kickboxing Side kicks (can do it with a punch down to increase intensity) [alternating sides; grounded jump rope in between sides]
+Push-ups with alternate arm extension

Round 3:
+Sumo Squats
+Aerobic lateral side lunge with leg lift
Round 4:
+Puddle jumps [I subbed skaters to increase intensity]
+Traveling planks with push-ups

Round 5:
+Cross-Country skiing on DISCS [tip: stay on balls of feet]
+Prisoner Squats

Round 6:
+Slow mountain climbers with discs (knee to elbow): do 28, then transition up and down and repeat
+side lunge with circling arms (weighted)

Round 7:
+Alternate gliding jacks on discs with stationary gliding lunges
+Rotating squat with hammer curl with one foot on disc

Round 8:
+Momentum Side lunges on discs (kind of a swimming motion)
+Spider man planks on discs

The music on Cardio Supersets is disappointing. It's generic, and it sounds like it's made with a synthesizer. The music on Round 8 is particularly strange; I would describe it as peppy Haunted House -- do this workout on Halloween !

I enjoyed this; it is similar to the format of Afterburn. Bonus Afterburn is more intense than Cardio Supersets Extreme, but I felt I got a good workout even if not killer. I've been alternating between the new Low Impact workouts and Cathe's high impact workouts, and I really love this so far.

Acescholar October 29, 2011