Low Impact Series: Turbo Barre

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Ballet/Barre

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Barre is my first love, but I occasionally like to use heavier weights (mainly for upper body), or I want more of an athletic feel to my workout. TurboBarre is the best of both worlds! No picky or precise tucking, pulsing or positioning...just simple, straight-forward barre-INSPIRED moves (made even better by the addition of a lengthy arm segment!) Do I think this is a good introduction to barre...well, it depends on what you're looking for. If you want authentic Lotte Berk Method, then NO, this is NOT what you want. However, if you generally do weights and are looking for something *different*, this may be just what you're looking for.

This is a LOOOONG dvd, but so well-chaptered that you can easily make a workout to suit the length you want (I did a well-rounded 40 min. TurboBarre workout just this morning). I find this workout challenging (sometimes downright HARD) and Cathe doesn't provide many (if any) modifications. I wish the gliding disc could've been used in this workout, since it was in this Low Impact series so often. I think it would've been great during some of the mat/strength work!

Instructor Comments:
Cathe has workout dvds down to a "t"...great production quality, chaptering, excellent cueing and great backgrounders/set. They are so visually pleasing!



I saw one other review before I posted this for Cathe's Turbo Barre. That was by a non-barre-enthusiast, like me, too. I suppose that is understandable because barre enthusiasts are more likely to get Barre workouts from Barre specialist instructors.

I have only done this workout once and I enjoyed it more than I expected to. While it is relatively long at about 70 minutes, it felt like a whole lot less because Cathe kept changing things up.

I found the upper body work a bit gratituous. It seemed thrown in there just as a token nod to being a total body workout. The abs and legs on the other hand, were worked very thoroughly.

On some one-legged moves, I felt it strain in the standing leg rather than working leg. That could entirely be my fault as I am not barre proficient and may not have been doing the exercise correctly. But on most exercises, despite that my legs are used to being worked with heavy weights, I felt the burn.

The Ab work is traditional mat Abs, but with an interesting twist to most exercises. I enjoyed this segment the most.

On the next day, I had very mild but interesting DOMS. They were not in the qauds and hamstrings where I feel the DOMS after my typical weighted leg-training. I could feel parts of my glutes and thighs where I dont usually notice any soreness.

The music was nothing special to my ears, but not offensive either.



Full disclosure: I received a free review copy of this workout.

Disclaimer: I am not a barre enthusiast. I enjoy a barre type workout once in awhile as a break from my normal workout routine, a combination of cardio, circuit, and light weight strength workouts. I also generally do not do Cathe's workouts. They are more advanced than I enjoy and I have to work harder than I like to work. I did not order the entire set of Cathe's newest workouts - just Slide & Glide because I wanted a workout I could use with my gliding disks and TurboBarre because I was intrigued by the idea of a barre workout by Cathe.

The bottom line is that I thought this workout is tough and really well done. My lower body was really worked out at the end of the workout. The moves flowed throughout the segments. Cathe's cueing was okay. She described the moves well. She did have the tendency to cue on the move instead of before it in some places, so she caught me by surprise in several places when she changed the move. She did give good form pointers throughout the workout. I really liked the pace of the workout; it didn't have the rushed feeling of some other barre workouts that I have tried. Cathe also gave opportunities to stretch throughout the workout and it usually felt really good after a tough segment.

The workout has the following sections:

> Low weight, high rep segment for the upper body. You need light weights for this segment.
> Segment using a loop with light resistance. There was one upper body move and then the rest of the segment focuses on the lower body.
> Three segments using the barre (I used a chair) doing various types of leg lifts and pulses.
> Cross back lunges followed by calf raises.
> Mat work - strength work for the upper body on the floor.

Instructor Comments:
Cathe is the consumate professional. In this workout, she is encouaraging and motivating. She does cue a bit late once in awhile, but overall the instruction is great.

Laura S.