Low Impact Series: Yoga Relax

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Yoga

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Full disclosure: I received a free review copy of this workout.

I have gotten away from stretching as much as I should and I wanted to try this stretch to see if it is one I will use. The answer is "probably not", but it would definitely be good for someone.

As with other Cathe workouts, Cathe is backed up by several background exercisers. The music is instrumental and relaxing. It is a good match to the moves that Cathe does. The set is light and airy.

OK. Onto the details about the DVD and workout itself. It lasts for 52 minutes. There are two premixes that last 29 and 33 minutes. There is also a submenu from which you can choose individual chapters:

> Warm Up Series
> Standing Torso Stretches
> Deep Stretches on Mat
> Balance Poses
> Standing Straddle Stretches
> Seated Upright Stretches
> Lying Supine (facing up) Stretches
> Final Resting Poses

The main thing to know about this workout is that Cathe holds the poses for a llllooooonnnnnggggg time in comparison to most stretch/yoga DVDs. This is a deliberate intention and she explains it at the beginning of the workout. It felt that this workout was more of an athletic stretch with yoga influences. I liked Cathe's delivery as she led the moves and gave form pointers without the more spiritual influences found in some true yoga workouts. However, I got bored with the long holds. The chapters were logical, but I felt in some sections that the moves did not flow and the transition between some of the moves was awkward.

For those looking for stretching/yoga with longer holds than normal, this workout may be for you. It does stretch out and relax the muscles - if you hang in there with the workout.

Instructor Comments:
I think Cathe is the consummate professional exercise instructor. She is calm and encouraging and gives good form pointers.

Laura S.