Low Impact Series: Yoga Max

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Yoga

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This is a beginner level yoga practice led by Cathe. The pace of it is very slow and the poses are held quite a long time. I would describe it as a vinyasa flow style. She does forward fold to straight back (at 90 degrees, like the beginning of sun salutation A) back down to fold and then up, and hands to "heart center" as an intro to the next pose. She avoids saying "prayer" at all costs, and caught herself once. There are a lot of downdog, high plank, low plank up dog vinyasas in between what few poses were done. She does Warrior I, Warrior 2, Extended side angle pose, triangle, etc for about the first half hour. Then the balance poses were holding your knee, knee out to side (extending leg and holding toe was the advanced version which was shown by Jai and Amanda.) and flowing right into Airplane. After that it is to the floor for locust pose, camel (Cathe has almost no backward flexion in her spine and cannot do the pose very well). Then we went into a weird Pilates themed ab segment with lowering your legs varying degrees down to the floor, then repeated with your upper body in a crunch. Some single leg stretch was in there and boat pose, then an incredibly short fetal position savasana and its back to sitting cross legged where she did actually say "namaste". The music was good. I wish Jai had led this class. My overall impression of this practice was ???. Cathe mentioned the breath only once or twice and tries to introduce Ujjayi breathing (without naming it) by saying it's like trying to fog up a mirror with your mouth closed.
It's better than what I expected out of Cathe (for a yoga workout) but not worth the hour I wasted on it. This would be good for someone who wants a yoga practice that isn't very new-agey or spiritual.

Grade: C+

Instructor Comments:
Cathe, if you want to branch out into something new, please give us a kettlebell workout. :^)

Peggy T