Low Impact Series Trisets

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Abs/Core , Bosu and Balance Disks/Boards, Lower Body Strength , Total Body Workouts, Upper Body Strength

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This workout has already been broken down nicely, so I will add some insights.

Me: middle aged intermediate exerciser. I do most of my weight workouts at the gym and prefer gym style workouts. That said, the lower body workout kicked my ASS! I lift very heavy at the gym (twice my body weight for the seated leg press, for example) but the Dixie cup moves made me sore for FOUR DAYS. I did not have Dixie cups, so I just touched the floor instead. MAN. I will do this workout the days I choose not to go to the gym, and also because I clearly need to mix things up.

The upper body workout was just too much this + that for my taste. I prefer to just work the muscle and go heavy and not do it while in a plank, for example. I did the upper body premix and there was a lot of chest work compared to everything else, in my opinion. It was a solid intermediate workout that I will likely not do again.

Instructor Comments:
Cathe is professional as usual.

Peggy T


Total Body Tri-Sets

This strength workout includes a variety of options for upper, lower or total body workouts. It is reminiscent of Cathe's Body Blast Supersets/Push-Pull and well as the Upper Body portion of Body Max 2, but it also has new moves. There are both traditional moves (eg. standing bicep curls, concentration curls)and some new twists to add balance work.

The all instrumental music sounds like *simulated* electric guitar. For the most part I barely noticed it, but those who want good music may not like this.

I had some extra time on the day I first did this workout, and I did Lower (first) and Upper back to back. I didn't go as heavy as Cathe, but I felt good and worked out by the end of this 1 1/2 hour (or so) strength session.

I liked the balance emphasis of the upper body work and the glute emphasis of the lower body work. I found the dixie cup moves to be especially fun and effective -- I actually ended up using my 1/2 pound Billy Balls because I forgot to get Dixie cups, but these worked great.

Lower Body Split = 39 mins
Upper Body Split (includes Core) = 56 mins
Total Body = 86 mins
Total Body Express = 49 mins
Upper Body Express = 19 mins
Lower Body Express = 23 mins
Lower body JFO (joint friendly options)=38 mins
Total Body Scrambled Express = 48 mins
Chest/Shoulders/Triceps = 30 mins
Back/Biceps/Core = 34 mins

Note: the warm up and cool down are the same for the Upper Body and Lower Body Tri-sets

+Upper Body Tri-Sets

Equipment: Dumbbells Cathe uses 5, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25 lbs; Stability Ball



Upper Body Tri-Set #1
Chest: walking plank pushups
Shoulders: shoulder press on stability ball
Triceps: lying extensions on stability ball

*[note: I did all walking planks without the push-ups, as I felt it more in my core that way and it was easier on the wrists.]

Upper Body Tri-Set #2
Chest: leg cross-over pushups
Shoulders: shoulder arc on stability ball
Triceps: plank kickbacks

Upper Body Tri-Set #3
Chest: alternating dumbbell chest flys on stability ball
Shoulders: external rotations with lateral raises
Triceps: dive bombers

Repeat each set

Back/Biceps/ Core

Back, Biceps, Core Tri-Set #1
Back: one arm rows, leaning on stability ball, with back leg raise
Biceps: incline curls on stability ball
Core: stability ball (back leaning) crunches, can add weight

Back, Biceps, Core Tri-Set #2
Back: dumbbell pullovers on stability ball
Biceps: simultaneous bi-cep curls (standing)
[Note: I did these on a BOSU to increase balance challenge]
Core: lying stability ball exchange between arms and legs

Back, Biceps, Core Tri-Set #3
Back: rear delt flys seated on stability ball
Biceps: concentration curls on stability ball
Core: lower ab crunches resisting with stability ball on shins

Repeat each set



Equipment: Dumbbells Cathe uses 5, 15, 20 lbs; Stability Ball; Dixie Cups (or any small objects that can be picked up and put down quickly); High Step + 4 risers (I actually used 5 risers and I found the pacing to still work)


Lower Body Tri-Set #1
Stability Ball Wall Squats w/Dumbells
Dixie Cup Front Lunges
Dixie Cup Side Lunges
Repeat set

Lower Body Tri-Set #2
Step Ups on High Step + Step Lunges w/Dumbells
Elevated Lunges with Dixie cups
Dumbell Squats
Repeat set

Lower Body Tri-Set #3
Deadlifts w/Dumbells
One-Legged Crossover Dip Squats w/Dumbells
[note: this is a tough balance challenge! Cathe uses 5 lbs., and on the first set she suspends one leg, but on the second set she puts it lightly down I went down from 5 to 4 lbs and kept my leg suspended.]
Hamstring Roll-ins on Ball (done first both legs, then alternating legs)
Repeat set
Cool Down

Instructor Comments:
I'm a Cathe fan, and I enjoyed Cathe's leadership as usual. There were a couple of places, though, where her counting was confusing (she really needs Cedie!). In particular, she got mixed up in the alternating chest flys--stating at first that we'd do a certain number on each side, and then counting each side as a full rep. But, all in all, I enjoyed this workout.