Quick Callanetics: Hips and Behind

Callan Pinckney
Year Released: 1992

Categories: Ballet/Barre

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I am reviewing a 2004 release that contains all 3 Quick Callanetics workouts on 1 DVD. This is the Hips and Thighs segment, accessible from the main menu.

Callan has 3 cast members, two women and one man. music is instrumental, relaxing, and sort of new-agey.

here's a breakdown of the moves - note that she doesn't mirror cue:

0-2:30 intro

Standing moves:
2:30 Up and down (5 reps); While standing, you raise your arms up to the ceiling, then touching the floor you can bend your knees when touching the floor.

3:09 Neck Relaxer (3 reps); Stretch your neck as if forming an arc with your chin from the left to the right (1 rep = left and back)

Seated moves:
Sitting on floor facing barre, 1 or both hands on barre:

4:18 Bringing up the rear (also known as the pretzel move) right side (100 reps); Right leg (working leg) is bent toward your right side with foot behind you, left leg is bent in similar position but will rest on the floor. lift right leg 3" off of floor, then pulse bent right leg back 3" and forth, parallel to the floor.

6:27 bringing up the rear left side (100 reps); position legs toward your left side and work the left leg, similar to how you worked the right leg.

8:22 out to the side, right leg first (100 reps); position legs similar to the "bringing up the rear" move except your working leg (right leg) is straight out, then you pulse your right leg up and down 2-3".

10:07 out to the side, left leg working (100 reps)

Kneeling moves:

11:50 Bringing up the rear, right leg first (100 reps). you kneel, facing the barre. with right leg bent (working leg), lift right leg 1 off floor, move leg 1-2" back and forth.

13:50 Bringing up the rear, left leg (100 reps). repeat the same move on the left.

15:34 Out to the side right leg (100 reps). in kneeling position facing the barre, similar to "kneeling bringing up the rear" position, the working leg is straight out, 1 off floor, and you pulse the right leg up and down, 2-3".

17:30 out to the side, left leg working (100 reps)

laying on the floor on your back:

19:19 spine stretch, right leg over (50 reps); with your elbows bent and shoulders and arms flat on floor (like a football goal post position), left leg straight and flat on floor, move bent right leg over to left side, pulse 50x. keep shoulders and arms flat on floor.

21:04 spine stretch, left leg over (50 reps); same thing except now do the left side.

22:51 end

Instructor Comments:
Callan is very relaxed and speaks slowly. the moves are gentle. some people find her style boring, but i find it relaxing, almost zen-like.



In this short workout, instructor Callan Pinckney expands on the hips and behind exercises included in her original Callanetics video. This is a very different form of exercise, as the movements are small and precise but performed for a high number of repetitions (100 of each here).

This video begins with two warmup stretches, one for the entire body and one for the neck. Then it's on to the floor for seated work targeted on the hips and buttocks. While holding onto a ballet barre or the back of a chair, you bend one leg forward and the other to the side; you then gently pulse the leg back and forth 100 times. Each exercise is performed with both a bent and then a straight leg on both sides of the body; following this, the entire series is repeated while kneeling. It's a bit tricky to get the hang of the exercises at first, as you really have to focus on tilting your hipbone downward while simultaneously curving your pelvis forward (which is important for protecting your back). The workout ends with a lying stretch to relax your leg, hip, buttock, and back muscles.

Although it may take a little while to get used to these unique exercises, once you master the form, you can really feel the moves targeting exactly where they are supposed to--the hips and behind. Quick Callanetics is a great way to achieve amazing results in a short amount of time for these hard to tone areas.

Instructor Comments:
Callan is a bit less cheese-y in this video than in the original Callanetics workout. She looks great for her age and offers lots of pointers during the exercises.

Beth C (aka toaster)