Shadow-Jitsu: Workout 2-WarmUp

Joey Alvarado
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

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Shadow-Jitsu “Workout 2-Warm-up” is led by Joey Alvarado, and is a 11 minute MMA bodyweight time-based workout. It consists of 20 exercises (standing & floor), each performed for 30 seconds (no rest between exercises). This workout (like the Workout 1- Warm Up) is recommended for use mostly in combination w/ the other Shadow-Jitsu workouts (6 week rotation) or alone as a light day type workout. This workout builds off the previous, incorporates similar exercises w/ progressions & introduces some new ones. The name of exercise is displayed on screen, and a countdown timer for each exercise w/ an auditory cue (bell sound) to move onto next exercise.

Cast: 2 females, two males

Set: filmed in part of gym/studio (white walls, gray mat flooring, heavy bags in corner).

Music: instrumental w/ driving beat (not canned)

Shadow-Jitsu “Workout 2-Warm-up” (11min.)
Jab Drill (Left): jab w/ weight shift forward, jab w/ weight shift back

Jab Drill (Right)

Lunge, Touch, Kick (Left): rear lunge w/ hand tap/touch to floor, stand, other leg kicks front.

Lunge, Touch, Kick (Right)

Thai Elbow Push Ups (plank walk-up): start in push-up position, alternate lowering elbows to floor, then alternate reversing to straight arms.

SoCal Sit Up: start supine w/ arms & legs extended on floor> on lift, pull knees into chest & arms wrap around lower legs or knees.

Arm Bar Leg Raise: alternate hip lift w/ rotation, the legs extended vertically & lowering legs in front of body.

Rocking Chair: roll onto back w/ bent knees, w/ one leg turned out & foot tucked under other> roll forward into lunge position w/ a hip thrust to front.

Snake Move: start supine w/ bent knees, turn to side and body forms 90 degree angle (on the floor), legs are straight or a bit bent, the arms reach for the toes, alternate sides.

Deck Squat

Flow Drill (Left): jab, cross

Flow Drill (Right)

Skipping Knee: Knee strike/lift, fast switch of feet into split leg stance.

Reach for the Sky: alternate squat w/ hand tap to floor, then hop feet into standing position w/ overhead arm.

Walk Out (to plank), Push Up

Alternating S-Mount: start seated w/ bent knees (one in front, other in back: S shape)> hinge at hips, bend arms, lower head to floor, then lift upper body a bit & swing legs around to S-shape on other side, alternating sides.

Scorpion: start prone (face down) on floor w/ hands out to sides> alternate leg lift and cross/reach (bent leg) over other leg to tap to floor.

Alternating Hip Heist: start supine w/ arms & legs extended, lift to seated position w/ bent knees, feet flat on floor, one hand on floor> lift hips (to the side) w/ one arm overhead, alternating sides.

Triangles: start supine w/ legs extended on floor (bent or straight)> open legs up (V- shape), lift hips, then quickly place the ankle of a turned out leg in back of the other leg’s knee (both legs have bent knees), alternate sides.

(Overhead)Deck Squat (into 1-arm sprawl): single arm overhead during DS, place on floor for sprawl.